VOOM, the revolutionary new coffee scale surpasses its fundraising goal on Kickstarter

VOOM is the brand new coffee scale that has received great response from the backers all around and surpassed its fundraising goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter within days of its launch. It’s an innovative device that helps both experienced and amateur brewers in brewing excellent coffee everytime. With this new product, the user won’t have to do the complicated math ratio of putting the right amount of coffee and water, pour at the perfect speed, and do it all in a set timeframe.

So far with the coffee scales available in the market, the user still has to start the timer, guess how quickly to pour water and more which is why VOOM is created. It is more than just a tool that is built to handle the entire brewing task. This one of its kind coffee scale`that displays a detailed brewing profile of coffee directly on the built-in screen. It features dynamic coffee: water ratio display, real-time time brewing instructions and the ability to save more than 20 brewing profiles on the device. It helps the user in keeping track of their brewing data and download brewing profiles from the community.

VOOM provides all the important information needed to brew perfect coffee on the scale’s LCD screen. Using the real-time brewing curves posted by people you bought your beans from or other coffee experts/lovers in the community, the device saves the hassle of taking out phone or computer to watch how others are doing it. With this new device, the user won’t need to do math early in the morning to figure out how much coffee and water to use as the dynamic ratio display will take care of that itself. Once the scale measures the coffee, the user can simply pour water till they reach their target ratio.

Once the user finishes brewing, the scale also scores them on how closely they followed the brewing curve. VOOM coffee scale also features an espresso mode that saves time and enables the user to dial in balanced tasting profiles. The on-screen workflow guides the user through a quick setup and a great coffee shot. It also allows the user to operate the device in quick brew mode, using which they can save their own brewing curve when they’re finished. The user can discover delicious recipes, save them to the device and share them online for others to learn from. The device can save more than 20 brewing profiles with internal memory.

VOOM can also be connected to the user’s phone via Bluetooth to get detailed information about the brewing profile, compare different brews and share brewing curves with friends and customers.

Backers can pre-order VOOM coffee scale through Kickstarter.com.

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