Mr. Vinnie Pavao Resurfaces with Improved eCommerce Website

NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA – November 24th, 2017 – Mr. Vinnie Pavao, the celebrated, Massachusetts-based mixed-media artist, is pleased to announce the revamping of his eCommerce store. Mr Pavao’s store has been updated with the addition of new design elements, such as logos, and photos; a plethora of never-before seen artwork, as well as brand new merchandise.

The artist, who draws inspiration from various styles, and his personal, trademark art vision, is giving art connoisseurs the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind paintings and sculptures, which represent only a sliver of Mr. Pavao’s rich oeuvre.

However, it is Mr. Pavao’s recent foray into the world of fashion that will intrigue those with an appreciation for style the most. His proprietary clothing brand, DEOVIAM, features T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, knitted beanies, as well as home accoutrements, such as mugs. According to Mr. Pavao, DEOVIAM is “a brand that wishes to inspire the best in humanity” and aims to “embrace the various history of human cultural beliefs with new age knowledge of self and development.”

Speaking of his art, Mr. Pavao said that “I am entirely self-taught, and I am inspired by the physical world around me, as well as the realm of my dreams. There is not a single one of my experiences that does not find its way to my art, and I strive to convey emotions, enlightenment, beauty, culture, life and love, through each, individual, piece.”

“My eCommerce store is a means to reach out to a broader audience, and connect with like-minded art lovers from all across the globe. I am excited to see how far my works will travel, and I am eager to receive feedback, in the form of social media posts, or personal correspondence, from those that have purchased, worn, and loved, DEOVIAM gear.”

Mr. Pavao is delighted to communicate with fellow art enthusiasts, while he is open to receiving requests for commission work. Those interesting in reaching out to Mr. Pavao can do so through the dedicated “Contact Me” form on his website.

To learn more about Mr. Vinnie Pavao, please visit:

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Company Name: Pavao Art Studios
Contact Person: Vinnie Pavao
City: North Dartmouth
State: MA
Country: United States