New Innovative App DeliveRecon Launches Created To Assist Drivers And Trucking Companies To Become More Efficient

Plattsmouth NE – Epic Ideas, a small business with extensive connections within the trucking community, is delighted to announce the launch of a groundbreaking smartphone app, designed specifically to assist and improve the safety and efficiency of the operational side of trucking.

The new app, DeliveRecon was created to solve the challenges facing many trucking companies of inefficient delivery routes and processes. The app incentivizes drivers to input comprehensive information regarding their delivery locations including contacts, safety requirements, access codes, specific drop off point changes and any other relevant details pertinent to the individual client – and to update any outdated information as it changes. Keeping this information current, fleet-wide, is the key to improving efficiency and reducing driver frustration in a market known for high turnover. The ability to add photos and video, per location, provides unprecedented ability to quickly educate new drivers on the locations they drive to.

The app also integrates useful functionality such as document scanning for improving cashflow and incident reporting, with media, for on-scene data collection, critical for insurance and/or litigation claims.

Chip Thompson, co-founder of Epic Ideas said, “The tagline for the app is ‘Know what you’re driving into… every time, every driver.’ That’s the goal… give the driver the ability to have a positive impact on his/her daily route. We believe gathering this data will make them better and safer at their jobs – and ultimately allows the company as a whole to serve their customers better.”

Liquid Trucking which is one of the top 30 tanker trucking companies in the United States has been one of the first customers to utilize the app across their entire fleet, with outstanding results. They were in the market for a real-time information system that had the capability of quickly and securely transmitting new information within their entire fleet.  

Jason Eisenman from Liquid Trucking said, “Feedback from the drivers has been extremely positive; they have all mentioned a number of benefits such as more accurate access routes for deliveries, up to date contact details for the client and numerous other small but useful pieces of information that have contributed to making their daily delivery schedule more efficient.”

With the release of this software, Epic Ideas expects to cause a positive impact across the entire trucking industry, as many trucking companies are looking for solutions to improve their delivery safety, efficiency and reliability. The developers of the software are keen to add further improvements and options, and there is even a possibility of individual trucking companies having the option of requesting bespoke components relevant to their specific situation. Companies who are interested in subscribing to the software can obtain further information about the software including a video description by visiting

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