Abacus Pod Rack is the Ultimate Accessory for Espresso Lovers

The kitchen is usually a cluttered place for most families, but a new product from Feoart and Avooq can help make the kitchen a bit more organized and elegant.  The Abacus Pod Rack is a savvy kitchen accessory that holds and dispenses Nespresso Coffee Capsules.  With the Abacus Pod Rack, espresso lovers will always have quick access to their favorite beverage.  The slim, stylish design allows the Abacus Pod Rack to be placed on virtually any surface in the kitchen, thereby eliminating one more container on a crowded shelf or table.

Crafted from an aluminum composite material with a rigid plastic core, the Abacus Pod Rack is both lightweight and durable.  The powder coated aluminum exterior comes in Speckled Silver, Charcoal Grey, White, Deep Blue, or Cherry Red, so they can accent almost any kitchen.  The Abacus Pod Rack requires no drilling to install; strong adhesive strips will safely secure the rack to any wall, cabinet door or under hang. Once installed, the Abacus Pod Rack can hold up to 36 Nespresso Coffee Capsules.

The Abacus Pod Rack has already been designed and is ready for mass production.  To allow consumers to obtain an Abacus Pod Rack before they are distributed to retailers, Feoart and Avooq have sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter. Campaign supporters may receive one or more Abacus Pod Racks, as well as the opportunity to feature a personal design on the packaging for all Abacus Pod Racks.  To learn more about the Abacus Pod Rack or to make a purchase, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1656811192/abacus-pod-rack-coffee-capsule-holder-for-nespress and feoart.com.au

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Media Contact
Company Name: Abacus Pod Rack, Coffee Capsule Holder for Nespresso Pods
Contact Person: Neil Strohbeck
Email: n.strohbeck@feoart.com.au
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1656811192/abacus-pod-rack-coffee-capsule-holder-for-nespress