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The Hack Post is helping to secure the online world. The prevalence of cyber based crime has exploded in the recent years.  Cyber espionage, phishing scams and malware are common occurrences and are expected to continue to climb, putting millions at risk.  Hacking news can now be accessed by users to help them protect them from falling victim to such crimes.

“Cyber security is huge these days,” stated a representative of The Hack Post.  “We take it very seriously and make hacking news available to our visitors so they can be aware of the dangers that are lurking online and take appropriate measures against them.”

The Hack Post is helping users know about news like the fact that twitter tweets can legally be hacked.  The article informed that by using a Python script, hackers can locate links which are shared by Twitter users.  The script is then able to check to see if the links are expired and no longer registered.  In the event that they are not registered, the hackers are able to register the domain for their own use and redirect it to the website of their choosing.

In another recent article on The Hack Post, it was divulged that the social media accounts of CNN have been hijack by OurMine, a notorious hacking group.  The main page of CNN and the CNN Politics account as well as the CNN International account have fallen victim to OurMine’s criminal cyber activity too.

Technical news is also featured on the site.  The information is proving very useful to those who are having issues.  Another article confirmed that Mozilla had stopped working with Facebook.  Those who were experiencing issues at least knew what the problem was.  Issues with the Galaxy S8 restarting were expounded upon in one piece and many other subjects make headlines on the site too.

Article after article bring the latest scams and hacks to the attention of the reader.  By finding out about the criminal cyber activity and the specifics thereof, users can take precautions and take action when needed.

An entertainment section is on The Hack Post.  Internet news can be found as well.  The ability to use voice control on Google Docs was explained in a recent piece.  The site touches on many interesting subjects and is attracting those who want to learn more about hacking news and other areas of life online.

To find out about the latest hacking news, like phishing scams, malware activity and cyber espionage actions, visit The Hack Post website.

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