You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd Helps People Save Thousands of Dollars on Bedbug Infestation with a DIY Kit

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You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd, a leading bedbug control exterminator in Calgary has introduced a DIY safeheat kit to get rid of bedbugs and their eggs in a single treatment at just $499. It does not require any special training to set up.

Calgary, Alberta – November 24, 2017 – With over 7 years of experience in the industry, You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd., the leading bedbug control firm in Calgary has been providing exceptional services to get rid of bedbugs and their eggs permanently at an affordable cost. They offer DIY safeheat for bed bug treatment in Calgary AB at just $499.

“We have been strictly killing bed bugs and only bed bugs for the last 7 years. During the first 2 years, we only heat treated the entire house with our big industrial diesel heat system as a method of killing the bed bugs. This method worked great and worked on the first try 95% of the time, but we kept hearing from people that they only had bed bugs in their bedrooms,” replied the spokesperson of You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd in an interview.  

Their DIY safeheat bedbug heat treatment in Calgary works great and kills all the bed bugs 92% of the time on the first try. The kit should run 24 hours for better results.

“We recommend you run the kit for 24 hours per room to thoroughly heat it. This allows for proper penetration of walls, furniture, clothing, mattress, and box-spring,” added the spokesperson of You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd.

“The extherminate™ safeHeat kit is shipped directly to your door in an unmarked box, so no one has to know that you have a bed bug problem.”

The extherminate™ safeHeat kit is environment friendly and does not require any chemicals or pesticides to kill bedbugs.

“70% of chemical treatments require 3 or more treatments to solve the problem as they only kill the bedbugs and not the eggs. 92% of our DIY safeheat bedbug heat treatment in Calgary kills bed bugs and their eggs after only a single treatment. No chemicals and no pesticides are required,” added the spokesperson lastly.

The extherminate™ safeHeat kit from You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd includes a heater, power cord, fan, a temperature display, instruction manual, and shipping return label.

“After purchasing the bed bug machine in 2014 we have approx 1262 hrs on the machine. We have done a total of 40 treatments on individual rooms with the machine. To date I am estimating that it has saved our agency about $10,000 in exterminator fees. We have greatly benefited from having the machine, and many other agencies in the community inquired as to how we keep on top of the bed bug situation. And we highly recommend that they get in touch with you to get a machine for their buildings. Thanks a lot.”  

About You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd:

Since its inception in 2010, You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd has been providing high-quality bedbug removal services using their DIY safeheat kit at just $499. Visit for more information.

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