20-Year-Old CEO Ken Conklin becomes known as the “King of Premium Branding” after working with numerous multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and doubling their businesses.

His company, gravel to castle, is quickly becoming the #1 branding company for high-achieving entrepreneurs.

From sleeping on the floor at his grandparents house just 2 years ago to now working with some of the top CEOs, he helps his clients dramatically grow their business by helping them position themselves as the best of the best in their industry. His proven process allows his clients (in almost any industry) to make their audience feel a certain way about them so that they (his client’s audience) can justify paying a premium price for his client’s products/services. The brands that Ken builds for his clients pre-sell people on their business before they even meet them.

“Here at Gravel to Castle, nothing brings us more joy than to help millennial entrepreneurs set the tone for their true worth and showcase the value that they bring to the marketplace,” Gravel to Castle founder Ken Conklin explained. “There is nothing worse than the world not seeing you for what you are worth, which is exactly why I have made it my mission to make my clients the go-to person in their industry so that they can effortlessly attract higher paying clients and successfully charge more for what they offer.”

About Gravel to Castle:

Founded by Ken Conklin, Gravel to Castle helps millennial entrepreneurs build premium brands that showcase their true worth by leveraging content & social media. They have helped solo-entrepreneurs and startups to multi-million dollar companies in 20 different industries generate multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars and double (sometimes even triple) their client’s businesses.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gravel to Castle
Contact Person: Ken Conklin, Founder & CEO
Email: contact@graveltocastle.com
Phone: 480-223-7634
Country: United States
Website: http://www.graveltocastle.com/