Introducing Jetlag Flight Alerts for Exciting, Inexpensive International Travel Deals

Jetlag Flight Alerts is an exclusive new service that sends the best, inexpensive international travel deals, fares, and glitches directly to customers’ mobile devices. The goal of this unique service is to give people the opportunity to see and experience the world without having to break the bank. Created for students, millennials, young families, singles, seniors or anyone who wouldn’t normally be able to afford to travel, the new service is receiving high praise indeed from customers:

“We love Jetlag Flight Alerts! For a family of four, we’re able to go on vacation all over the world for what we used to spend just on one flight fare. We couldn’t ask for a better service!” ~ The Johnson Family.

“NEVER again will I pay full price to see the world again. My friends and I have gone on three getaways so far! The best part. Thanks to Jetlag Flight Alerts, I can afford to take my parents on a vacay in a few months!” ~ Krystal Shephard.

The idea for Jetlag Flight Alerts was born in 2014, while creator Rachel Hill was browsing through travel forums and stumbled upon a flight glitch for a $178 round trip from D.C. to Abu Dhabi. Rachel quickly shared the news with family and friends:

“Scrambling to call all of our family and friends at 5 a.m. to share the deal, we couldn’t spread the word fast enough. A few friends booked the deal. Then the word spread,” she recalls. “Then, the idea came to share these amazing flight deals with our family, friends, associates, and everyone else who desired to travel inexpensively the easiest and quickest way possible – via text messaging.”

Rachel and her specialized team of travel experts search the internet on a continual basis for the best and cheapest flight deals they can find. Then they curate a mobile text message to inform their customers, providing additional information such as the best dates to book and the exact link to use to grab the deal.

The Jetlag Flight Alerts team decided on the use of text messages simply because most people tend to check them before they check their emails.

“It’s fast and easy,” explains Rachel. “We want everyone to enjoy the opportunity to travel, no matter what your circumstances. Gone are the days that international travel is reserved for a select few.”

To find out more about this innovative new service, visit the Jetlag Flight Alerts website at

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