GMIC+ Al Summit Hangzhou was concluded on 15th November

AI conglomerates co-explore the future development of artificial intelligence industry.

From AlphaGo to Sophia, Siri to Cotana and Alexa to DuerOS, the development of artificial intelligence go forward with great strength and vigor…

Based on internet, a new wave of technological and industrial revolutions have been gaining momentum and technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality flourish with each passing day, the combination of which has brought revolutionary changes to people’s lives and production modes.

Standing in the teeth of the storm, how popular is artificial intelligence, how far it is from reality and how do we grab the opportunity? From 14th November to 15th November, GMIC+ AI Summit Hangzhou &China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Forum was held in Hangzhou. With “Scientific Renaissance and Infinite Future” as its theme, it has drawn the attention of many experts and entrepreneurs from the artificial intelligence field.

Standing in the middle of the AI whirlwind, could a pig fly?

From foreign countries to China and from Internet giants to industry upstarts, artificial intelligence has become the most watched emergent industry and been brought into the whirlwind of a new era. For instance, projects related to artificial intelligence have become very popular in the VP field. By the end of 2016, China’s artificial intelligence industry has increased to 9.56 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate up to 40.25%.
Even a pig can fly if it is in the middle of a whirlwind. In the cold winter of investment, the market begins to returns to its normal orbit, how long can the whirlwind last? Experts think that the new era of artificial intelligence we are facing today is the same as the era of the internet economy and e-commerce in Hangzhou 17 years ago. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence has risen to the status of a national strategy. The 19th CPC National Congress stated, “Speeding up the building of manufacturing power, accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry and promoting the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and substantial economy”.

It’s not the first time that artificial intelligence has been mentioned. The government work report of 2017 has pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the cultivation and expansion of emerging industries including artificial intelligence. This is the first time “artificial intelligence” has been written into the state department work report. In the keynote speech of G20 Hangzhou Summit last year, it is emphasized, “With the internet at its core, a new wave of technological and industrial revolutions have been gaining momentum and technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality flourish with each passing day, the combination of which has brought revolutionary changes to people’s lives and production mode.”

On the judgment of the “the force of the whirlwind”, Wen Chu, the founder and chairman of the Great Wall Club (GWC), believes that artificial intelligence can be called the strongest whirlwind on earth. Wang Guoping, former member of CPC Zhejiang Provincial standing Committee, Party secretary of Hangzhou, deputy director of Advisory Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Councilor of Hangzhou Urban Research Council, consultant of Hangzhou International City Research Center, expounded on the determination and practice of developing intellectual economy in Hangzhou with the Three Industrial Revolutions. He said, “The value of intellectual economy in Hangzhou is expected be trillions of yuan. I believe as long as we grab the opportunity of artificial intelligence, exploit the comparative advantages of Hangzhou to the full, create a new competitive edge in Hangzhou and build new industrial advantages, it is possible that we will succeed to create a new weapon for our future development”.

On the 15th, with “Consumption Upgrade and Financial Technology in the AI Era” and “Smart Home” in the AI Era” as its agenda, the forum continues discussing the relationship between artificial intelligence and modern life.

How far is artificial intelligence from us?

Artificial intelligence is now at its height and is so popular among people, so how far is artificial intelligence from us?
In our mind, artificial intelligence mostly appears in science fiction movies, such as Baymax in Big Hero 6. The most famous artificial intelligence example in reality is AlphaGo in Man vs Machine. In fact, with the continuous progress of technology, artificial intelligence is not that far away, sometimes it is just at hands.

In the GMIC+ AI Summit Hangzhou, Yong Jinjun has seen a number of black technology products, which are all based on artificial intelligence. Such as the Translator of KDXF, which is able to provide instant interpretation between Chinese and English spoken language quickly and accurately; Hover Camera of Zero Zero Robotics, which is a Hover Camera Passport built on the world’s leading embedded artificial intelligence technology; and AlphaGo is a muti-functional robot which provides educational contents, super TV service, video call and natural language…

“The first phase of artificial intelligence is what we call internet of everything and the popularization of internet has provided data and fuel for artificial intelligence. The second phase is to realize the intelligence of the physical world and apply it to copious commercial affairs and scenes.” Wang Hua, the founder and managing partner of Sinovation Ventures, with many years investment experience in artificial intelligent projects, believes that the second phase of artificial intelligence is to enable computer to understand videos, images and the real world. New retail and safety industry, put forward by Alibaba, are examples of the application of artificial industry in the real world.

The true realization of artificial intelligence happens in the third stage. Wang Hua, the founder and managing partner of Sinovation Ventures, thinks that the first stage of artificial intelligence is automation, then the computer should be able to listen and see, and finally the decision optimization, which means to demonstrate the optimization process. “Then there will be a variety of robots, autopilots, and things providing a wide variety of services for humans in science fictions. But we will not see them soon, maybe after 5-10 years, since the development of hardware is much slower than software and algorithm.

How to grab the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence continues to subvert the tradition, how do we seize the opportunity and face the challenge?

“This is an age full of rapid changes, internet has rapidly and completely impacted on our lives and the application of new technologies like big data and artificial intelligence has been playing a dominating role in our future”. Said Zhang Xuenan, CEO of Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group Co.,Ltd.. Media industry, one of the first industries exposed to the dominating force of internet, should actively embrace the development of big data and artificial intelligence. In recent years, the company has continuously integrated resources, expanded and distributed the big data industry, explored an orderly and normative development of environment for big data circulation, and also explored the development of the asset-backed trading model of artificial intelligence products.

Industrialization is essential in promoting the integration of internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy. Taking Hangzhou as an example, in July, Hangzhou Artificial Intelligence Town was open for business. In November, another artificial intelligence industrial park appeared. Cheng Xinhua, deputy mayor of Hangzhou city, remarked, Hangzhou places great importance on the development of artificial intelligence industry, insists on regarding information economy and smart application as its No. 1 project, focuses on innovation, seizes the opportunity to develop artificial intelligence technology, gathers strength, resources and centralizes policies to build a world-class artificial intelligence research institute.

Big date and cloud computing form the basis of industrialization. Last year, Zhejiang Big Data Exchange Center, the only big data exchange center approved by Zhejiang government, opened in Wuzhen ancient town. It seized the opportunities provided by “Internet+”, and artificial intelligence. With the help of rich big date resources in Zhejiang and the booming big data industry, it further stimulated the vitality of the data market, explored the value of data and cultivated rising business modes and types for the development of big data.

“This year we will establish a special fund for artificial intelligence in Hangzhou and put forth effort to promote the application of some artificial intelligence projects. Big data and artificial intelligence are redefining the future and the best way to predicate future is to create it.” said Zhang Xuenan. (from Zhejiang Daily)

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