Slope Puzzler Just Launched on Kickstarter – Puzzle Unusual

Limitation is what everybody does not like very much. Sometimes we will find ways to make breakthrough for self-satisfaction. Slope Puzzler is a kind of puzzler game to let players explore the possibility of form and shape without any defined solution. It is special good for someone’s leisure and gathering.

Slope Puzzler is a kind of 3-dimensional puzzle game for everyone. It challenges players’ ability in matching the curves and slopes. Playing this games, we will have a deeper understanding in abstract knowledge of forms.

Continuous curves are applied on the edges of the blocks as the critical element in order to make the edges extendable without a defined ending. And extendable slope surfaces are created by the continuous edges.

Users can make their own combinations by matching the slope of surfaces. More possibilities can be made with more sets of Slope puzzler. We try to let players to create their own form freely in order to have relaxation. The top combined curved surface is also an area for painting. Users can create their unique version for himself/herself or someone special.

Finally, it will be a good art piece for your home decoration.

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