E Mall Box Got Listed on New Four Board, Marking the New Benchmark of Unmanned Intelligent Sales Industry

On November 21, E Mall Box IoT (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.’s formal listing on Qianhai Four Board and Three-party strategic signing ceremony was grandly held in Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Goldern Bay.

More than 200 guests were invited to join in the grand event, mainly from Earth Group, E Mall Box, B&R Infrastructure Group and experienced experts and investment partners from different industries.

The lively and grand atmosphere went throughout the ceremony. Attending guests not just realized the organizer’s sincerity, but also felt the financial shock of the Internet “new air outlet” and “new mode” as well as vision for the future.

As the bell rose, the conference entered into the climax. A new E Mall Box announced the rise of a new business mode full of unlimited possibilities.

The signing ceremony gathered “numerous celebrities”: Mr. Longman Snooker, the CFO of Earth Group, COO Mr. Gary, Philip Jared, Executive Director of B&R (Asia) Infrastructure Investment Co. Ltd. and Mr. Xu Weijie, Director E Mall Box IoT, who attended the ceremony and witnessed the historical moment of ringing the bell and delivered excellent speeches on the conference respectively.

It was said that the listing of E Mall Box on New Four Board meant that unmanned intelligence industry formally established a benchmark in the industry and the brand-new retail mode was formally erected at the core of big data and block chain technology.

The brotherhood cooperation among Earth Group, B&R Infrastructure Group and E Mall Box is a typical example of perfect combination in the Internet Age, which demonstrates a very profound realistic significance and research value.

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