Bitcoin Diamond Launched at 29 Global Exchanges After It Was Forked Successfully at Block Height 495866

Bitcoin Diamond was forked at block height 495866 successfully and launched at 29 global exchanges, and the trading price skyrocketed.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that occurs at the predetermined height of block 495866 and a new chain gets generated as the BCD. Recently, Bitcoin Diamond was launched at 29 global exchanges after it was forked at Block Height 495866. According to the administrators, Bitcoin Diamond miners will begin creating blocks with a new proof-of-work algorithm, and will consecutively develop and enhance the protection for account transfer and privacy based on original features of BTC.  This fork activated when it was Nov.24th GMT 9:20:12.  

Bitcoin Diamond has been launched at 29 global exchanges, the price is $40 now (

“Bitcoin Diamond features include advanced protection of privacy, encryption of the amount and balance to protect customers’ privacy, and fast transaction confirmations” said one executive.

“Bitcoin diamond raised the block size limit to 8 MB as part of a massive on-chain scaling approach. There is ample capacity for everyone’s transactions. The speed of generating blocks will be increased five times and the ultimate goal is to improve transaction confirmation speed for the entire BTC blockchain”, he added.

“Our primary objective is to lower the cost for participation thresholds by reducing the transaction fees and the cost of participation. The total amount of Bitcoin diamond is ten times as much of Bitcoin, which translates into reduction of the cost for new participation and reduction of the thresholds”, he stated at a press conference.

Bitcoin Diamond has now been launched at 29 global exchanges, with the price being $40 at this point on OKEX, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the executive, Reuters, NASDAQ, Yahoo and other top media put lets have already extensively covered the launch of Bitcoin Diamond across the global exchanges. He also said that BCD or Bitcoin Diamond has become a hot topic of discussion on digital currency forums such as Bitcointalk, Reddit, Steem and the likes.


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Bitcoin Diamond Foundation, Nov.27th 2017

Bitcoin Diamond official announced Linke Yang (Co-founder of BTCC ) are acceded the Chinese advisors of Bitcoin Diamond Foundation.


Mr. Yang is the co-founder of BTCC which is the first digital currency Exchange in China, Linke Yang leads BTCC to surpass the 70% trade share in China, his Chinese digital currency reputation will help BCD to open Chinese market. We are glad to have Yang to join in BCD advisor team, said Bitcoin Diamond Foundation.

Chinese, Italian and Korea Community are established, North American &Australian Community are progressing. More and more pioneers will join the BCD team in the near future, which will boost its R&D and increase its popularity. 


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Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin based on Bitcoin protocol and a new cryptocurrency.

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