New Website Released for Cryptocurrency Investors

Staffordshire, United Kingdom – It is not uncommon for small businesses to utilise platforms such as Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, Amazon, eBay or others to sell their products. Larger companies have developed their websites to sell their products to their customers directly while reaching global markets of buyers. These websites utilise credit and debit card services, which allows them to receive payment through the e-commerce platform.

Unfortunately, companies will encounter unavoidable risks whether they choose to utilise consumer-friendly platforms or professional platforms.  Possible risks include a customer’s personal information being compromised, in addition to the company’s competitive strategies such as personal and business data being compromised. These risks are heightened with international clients as wire transfers and credit cards transactions intersect. As a result, these companies and their clients are vulnerable to being targeted by hackers and thefts.

To avoid these catastrophic problems, Safex News has developed a new website for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investors. On their platform, companies will find information about the Safex Marketplace, which allows users to make purchases anonymously and keep their personal and credit information secured. Users can feel confident utilising the marketplace as it employs a cryptographic escrow and rating system that secures the data from being targeted by hackers.

To receive further information in regards to the Safex marketplace, consumers are encouraged to visit them online.

Safex News is the world’s first community-driven Safex news network, which employs a substantial amount of responsibility and challenges. Users are encouraged to navigate their user-friendly website. In the upper right-hand corner, they will find 3 bars. When a user waves their mouse over the bars, a drop-down menu will appear that gives them a variety of options: news, guides, and Safex discord and Safex statistics.

Under the news tab, users will find informative posts detailing development updates, scheme rumours and voting results. Under the guides tab, users can avail themselves of direct access to recent posts, comments, and categories. Companies and users will also find useful the drop-down menu that directs them to the Safex discord channel and the statistics channel, which are updated in real time.

Risks are inevitable, but Safex News strives to reduce those risks. Companies are encouraged to contact Safex News and keep up to date on ways they can better protect themselves and their clientele, both local and international.

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