World Popular Urban Street Wear ‘4AG’ Relaunches to Spread the Message of Freedom, Positivity and Courage Against All Odds

November 27, 2017 – 4AG urban street wear, the brand that captured the imagination of youth worldwide, will soon be available again in a bigger, bolder and wider collection from January 2018 onwards. The relaunched products will continue to spread the message of freedom and positivity as conceived creatively by Saudi Arabian designer Fawaz Al-Fraiji.

4AG stands for fighting against the system or one’s own internal demons. It is about being consistent with one’s thoughts and acts, whether at the job or in a profession, be it an athlete, artist or entrepreneur. 4AG also encourages the wearer and the public to keep up the positivity and not feel demotivated when faced with obstacles.

Urban street wear holds a place of pride today across the world as it allows youngsters and adults to literally wear their personality, share positive messages and even make onlookers think about the important issues facing the world. 4AG is one such brand with an interesting past.

The politically turbulent history of 4AG reveals its authenticity and the genuineness of its message. The brand was first launched in 2009 by Saudi Arabian designer Fawaz Al-Fraiji in Los Angeles. The brand’s messages were created using Arabic calligraphy and ancient geometric patterns mixed with elements from the western / hip-hop culture. This created a unique blend of the Arabic and Middle East culture with that of the West.

While 4AG received an enthusiastic response in the US and Europe, the product had to be shut down in 2013. 4AG then moved to Dubai in 2016 and relaunched with a similar concept. The brand struck a positive note with the local youth who loved its positivity. However, the local governments moved to ban the urban street wear, considering it a ‘national security threat’ for using words such as ‘Freedom’, ‘Dignity’, ‘Courage’, ‘Justice’, ‘Truth’, etc. 4AG appealed to the court, was found innocent and the ban was lifted in November 2017.

To be a ‘G’ is to go against all odds and make one’s dreams come true and provide for the love ones and the family. 4AG is against being negative, giving up, or hurting others. Meant for a ‘G’ is thus symbolized as 4AG, and not for everybody.

“The name 4AG is inspired by the street hip-hop, rap and western culture with a difference. The ‘G’ stands not for the negative image of a gangster, but someone who fights the system and his/her own internal demons,” says designer Fawaz Al-Fraiji.

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