Mold Growth Can Start With Bad Ventilation And Ductwork

What if we told you that the things you could do to improve the air quality of your property are the same things that would protect you from harmful, hidden mold growth?

During the summer especially, it’s important to be aware of how up-to-date the ventilation and ductwork is in your home’s attic and crawlspaces. Poor or faulty work can lead to heat being trapped inside of outof-sight places, resulting in overheating of the property.

But moisture trapped inside attics and crawlspaces due to bad ventilation and ductwork can lead to insect and rodent infestation and indoor microbial growth, especially mold, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and the Center for Disease Control. Airborne mold spores can break down fiberglass in attics and crawlspaces and lead to its presence in the air you breathe. “At best, your electric bill is high because hot air and humidity aren’t allowed to exit the home’s attic,” said Marty Katz, a state-certified mold inspector and remediator with more than two decades in the field. “At worst, every room in your property can become cross-contaminated with harmful mold.”

Microscopic organisms belonging to the fungi family, mold reproduces through airborne spores, can propagate on almost any surface and is “very common” in buildings and homes, according to the Florida Department of Health. Widespread types of mold are associated with health risks including respiratory difficulties, fatigue, immune suppression, chronic nasal congestion, eye irritation, rashes, eczema, heightened allergies and sinusitis, according to the Institute of Medicine.

Katz’s company, Miami Mold Specialist, has for more than two decades remained on the cusp of mold remediation technology and solutions. In addition to a full spectrum of mold removal and prevention services, Miami Mold Specialist is now the only company in Miami to offer one-of-a-kind, non-invasive solar-powered soffits, ultraviolet light cleaning and Airbiotics, all-natural probiotic cleaners for the home.

The soffits take just one hour to install, require no additional electric hookup and have been approved for a 30 percent federal tax credit. They reduce humidity and heat and lower your air conditioning bill by forcibly ejecting warm, moist air from attics and crawlspaces, eliminating the conditions necessary for mold growth. And because these photovoltaic soffits have no parasitic consumption of line electricity, they run at zero operation cost, effectively saving you money.

“The state of Florida requires that any renovated home be energy efficient,” said Abraham Katz, Florida-licensed mold remediator and inspector. “Our product is perfect for this, takes just one hour to install and is the most affordable solution on the market.”

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