Kataphrakt Kronograf Seeks Funding From the Kickstarter Community for Making Watches That Are Luxury Redefined

Kataphrakt Kronograf uses the Kickstarter platform to raise funds for manufacturing of redefined luxury watches.

Kataphrakt Kronograf, founded by Joshua, has announced that they have started a campaign on Kickstarter for the launch of the redefined luxury watch. A small team of passionate designers create watches that are incredibly exquisite in design. They are now planning to mass produce it for those who love uniquely designed watches.

“We have been working with the best timepiece experts since the beginning of 2017 to create a luxury watch that’s truly unique in every sense,” says the spokesperson for Kataphrakt Kronograf. “Our premium-quality and exclusive watches are known for their high precision and quality which comes with Swiss movements. Our watch can be a wonderful accessory, nothing less than an alluring piece of jewelry to decorate your wrist.”

Kataphrakt Kronograf is a name synonymous with quality watches around the globe. They have produced some of the best brand name watches by working with top timepiece manufacturers and designers.

For founder Joshua, a life-changing encounter happened when he viewed an eclipse for the first time. It had beautiful colors and authenticity of the magnificence. He decided to capture the colors of astronomy and combined it with his unmatched passion for timepieces.

Kataphrakt Kronograf watches have a classic, aesthetic look and known for their quality parts but affordable prices. After many iterations and attempts to achieve perfection, they created the first Kataphrakt Kronograf timepiece that puts other collections and brand to great shame. To make sure that they create nothing but the best, they have collaborated with one of the best timepiece manufacturers in the world with a reputation for producing quality brand name watches around the globe for decades.

The company takes a completely different approach to minimalism. Their creations are aimed at encapsulating the beauty of astronomy without sacrificing balanced, artful composure. They make use of the famed Ronda 708 Swiss movement instead of the cost-saving Japanese Miyota quartz movement, and the rotating moon-phase dial for their iconic design language and uniqueness.  

The company uses the engraved crown icon and model names for an exquisite feel, double stacked dial with 15 degrees taper for a practicality look, and carefully stitched genuine leather with embossing that guarantees durability and comfort. Every creation spells premium quality and is backed by a strong two-year global warranty.

Kataphrakt timepieces have personified the spirit of timekeeping for many years now. These watches carry symbols of astronomy and are designed to suit both genders of all ages at a fraction of what other major brands cost.

The Kickstarter campaign by Kataphrakt Kronograf has a financial goal of $24079. The deadline date for achieving this goal is December 8, 2017.

About Kataphrakt Kronograf:

Kataphrakt Kronograf is a project aimed at creating the best quality watches that stands apart on account of its unique designs, style, and performance. These are highly aesthetic watches that are offered by the manufacturers at an affordable price. Kataphrakt Kronograf timepieces have Swiss movements and known for their precision and quality.

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