Spark And Spark Launches Its Line Of Emoji Products

The current world is obsessed with emojis. People across the globe have started using these in their virtual conversations to express their emotions. Taking inspiration from this, Spark and Spark has launched its new range of emoji products.

Emojis are in literal sense taking over the world! It is amazing how popular they have become and how often they are used. The use of emojis has become basic shorthand for almost any word or emotion, its use has exploded over the last few months. According to statistics people send around 6 billion icons worldwide each day. Not just the common people but even famous DJs, rappers and bands are quickly picking up on this trend.

Owing to all of these factors it would not be wrong to say that these days emoticons have become a major means of expressing feelings in the modern world. Going by the current trends and craze for emojis, Spark and Spark decided to take it to the next level, they launched their new line of emoji products. These products have been designed with precision and care; they look exactly like the emojis that are seen on the keypad. By using these, the emoji fanatics can enjoy using an emoticon in the real world as well.

As Spark and Spark has always given something innovative to its customers, so also this time they have delved into offering a unique line of emoji products. On the occasion of the launch of emoji products, Spark and Spark would like to share how the emoji actually came into existence and rose in popularity.


In the year 1999 the first range of emoticons were released. They were first brought into existence by Shigetaka Kurita, he is the father of emojis. He had realized that digital communication whether its email or anything else has robbed human beings of the ability to communicate emotion. And hence he created and released 176 different Emoji characters. He got his inspiration for making emojis from Japanese Kanji, pictograms, and manga.


The year 2000 saw the gradual rise of emoticons. In this year, custom Emojis were introduced to chat rooms suchas Myspace, AOL instant Messenger and more!


The Unicode system added Emojis. This was the official arrival of emojis. It was official because, the Unicode system is the standard system for encoding texts.


2012 saw another milestone in the emoji world. In this year, same gender emoticons were released on iOS 6. These were very well-received by the target audience.


In the July of 2014, the world celebrated its first World Emoji Day on July 17th. This day was created by Jeremy Burge who also happens to be the founder of Emojipedia.


On 28th July, 2017, The Emoji Movie was released worldwide.

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