Niche Advice’s mortgage advice service with no up-front fees a welcome change for clients

Securing a mortgage is never easy – and this is even truer for individuals who have low credit ratings and other issues. But at Niche Advice, customers can rest easy in the fact that they can receive invaluable mortgage advice combined with an independent service and no up-front fees.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2017 – There may be many mortgage specialists in the UK today, but Niche Advice likes to think that it is different from most. Its service is arguably unique in that it is an independent firm which isn’t tied up with specific banks or mortgage agents, and it also takes pride in the fact that it doesn’t require any up-front fees.

As Niche Advice explains, “Some brokers dealing with niche mortgages look to take advantage and charge up-front fees before they deliver on anything. We don’t need to charge our clients an up-front fee so you only pay us once you have completed your mortgage deal.”

The purpose of Niche Advice is clear: to help clients who would like to apply for a mortgage through a more personalised and friendlier service. Niche Advice does not operate any call centres and it does not operate with a ‘hard sell’ strategy in mind – it simply seeks to provide help to clients by taking a close look at their particular circumstances and giving them mortgage advice and recommendations based on their specific needs.

Niche Advice adds, “(We) have key strategic alliances with an array of specialist providers that are not available to the general public. This allows access to a wider range of products and services…When you deal with Niche Advice you deal directly with established industry qualified experts who drive the business. There are no middlemen, call centres or graduates manning the desk.”

But one major reason why Niche Advice has become more popular with many clients is its promise of no up-front fees. Niche Advice confirms, “We do not charge any up-front fees on our mortgages. This differentiates us from other brokers who typically apply ‘non-refundable’ charges at various stages of the application process. Our promise is simple: ‘no charges’ until the mortgage has completed and the funds are drawn.”

Niche Advice specialises in a host of mortgage deals, including buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages, residential mortgages including mortgages for the self-employed, bad credit mortgages, and more.

About the company: Niche Advice is a mortgage specialist offering an independent, personalised service to individuals seeking a mortgage in the United Kingdom. To find out more about acquiring a bad credit mortgage, first-time mortgage, buy to let mortgage, and more, visit the company website.   

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