Airwheel Smart Helmet\’s Camera Records Every Unforgettable Moment

All the inspiration and design philosophy on the Airwheel C series of smart helmet derives from real life. That is to say, they are born for solving some practical problems. It reinforces Airwheel’s objective of making people to live a free intelligent life.

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In Airwheel, you will have options on choosing intelligent vehicles made by Airwheel, powerful S5 two wheel electric scooter, comfortable S6 & S8 saddle-equipped scooters, portable E3 and multifunctional R6 and convenient H3 electric folding wheelchair. These vehicles provide great convenience while Airwheel smart helmet can also be the helper in people’s life.
Airwheel C5
It is admitted that intelligent electric scooters become a hot but there is another truth that helmets also joint the intelligent industry. Known to all, the riding helmets becomes more and more intelligent in recent years. Intelligent helmet is kind of new equipment that is upgraded by technical staffs combining the high technology products so as to realize the intelligent function we need. And the intelligent attributes of Airwheel intelligent helmets can be reflected in the communication, camera shooting and data recording etc.
Airwheel C6
With the Bluetooth transmission technology, Airwheel C series of helmet camera is able to answer phone calls automatically. The interaction between the helmet and phone makes your riding safer and more convenient. The accompanying smart camera installed in the helmet can fulfill the duty of a SLR, taking photos wherever you are and whenever you are. Plus with the wide viewing all glass lens and anti-shake design, you can use the helmet to capture each splendid moment clearly. It can be applied in the delivery industry such as take-out food or express industry. Also, the high definition sound and the windproof microphone can play music.
Airwheel C8
Compared with C5, C6 and C8 smart helmets are more appropriate for Extreme sports and bike geeks. Except the functions of communication and camera shooting, C8 designed in full face provides riders with the maximum protection. C6 installs a breathing light on the back of the helmet can be alarmed in dark environment or night riding. There are more functions that can be seen on the In a word, to record the unforgettable moment of your riding, you can count on Airwheel Bluetooth helmet.

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