Cloud Data Hong Kong Limited Says That The Future Of Cloud Technology Is In Hybrid Cloud Computing

Shanghai, China, November, 29, 2017: Cloud Data (Hong Kong) Limited have recently conducted a study that claims that around 40% of companies that have some plans related to public cloud had shifted to on-premises. The main reasons for this refer to the cost and security. Thus, hybrid cloud solutions might become the key trend in the future. 

The trend has shown up this year, and it seems that companies gradually move towards all-on-premises strategy since they are concerned about the limitations of public clouds. 

Cloud Data (Hong Kong) Limited also suggested that over 51% of respondents declared that they have been applying public cloud for over 3 years, but only one out of three (29%) labeled their cloud adoption level as “mature,” with 50% describing it as “developing,” and 21% calling it “emerging.” Accordingly, cloud technology, in general, has room for improvement and growth.  

However, as the cloud evolution goes on, what’s its future direction? Cloud Data (Hong Kong) Limited showed that 75% of the IT executives stated that they planned to deal with various cloud companies to satisfy their business needs. Thus, besides the three standard cloud forms – public, private, and hybrid – there is one that merges them all: multi-cloud. 

“Even though there is significant number of market participants, and even a part of the experts, say that public cloud is everything, I think the latter has significant limits, which means it will leave the open door for hybrid cloud in the future.” said Mr. Geng Wuhan, Chief Executive Officer at Cloud Data (Hong Kong) Limited

The experts agree that companies and people will require various solutions for more different tasks and mechanisms, which ultimately leads to the necessity of hybrid or multi-cloud way. 

Mr. Yang Chang who is the Director of Research & Development at Cloud Data (Hong Kong) Limited commented “It seems to me that one cloud form, any of the available ones, will not be enough. Accordingly, companies and people will move to a more complex approach, like hybrid cloud. This will become a major trend.”

Many experts believe that no new cloud format will show up soon, as the current ones manage their tasks quite well. Thus, enterprises will just combine these forms to reach a hybrid cloud approach and achieve as many benefits as possible.  

Media Contact:  Xiao Song, Marketing Director, Cloud Data (Hong Kong) Limited,
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