A New Player Arrives in the Agribusiness Market

Perth, AU—The amount of food that is consumed by the population and the environment that food is grown in is constantly taken for granted. The population of the world is consistently increasing. In the foreseeable future, the planet could be populated with 9 billion people. The more people there are, the more mouths there are to feed, and the more food is required. Can the planet sustain such a high demand? AgriGrow is a new Australian agribusiness company that is quite literally working to solve the world’s food problems.

AgriGrow was born out of a desire to support the preservation of the planet and the quality of human food. It was born out of a recognition that the present rate at which food is being produced will not be able to support the pending population of the earth. By serving as consultants to help support the world of food tech, they hope to facilitate the production of more technology and methods that will serve to benefit the planet.

As a consultation company, AgriGrow specializes in bolstering the agronomy for generations to come. Various companies and multinationals in the agribusiness, as well as research organizationsor private entrepreneurs will come to the new up and coming company for support with their environmental ideas.

The company offers a variety of services to promote the production of technology to maximize the efficiency of and support the agronomy. AgriGrow gives all their prospective clients an initial meeting free of charge. If these prospective clients become clients, the breadth of services offered expands. AgriGrow will work to establish the “Technical Due Diligence” of a new potential piece of food tech. With their expansive technological knowledge, they will ensure that there are no or minimal negative effects of the product, vet the science that backs the claims of the product, and test efficiency of the product.

AgriGrow can also assist in the development of a client’s innovation strategy. They will do everything from looking over the strategy, to identifying opportunities for potential success, to providing connections that will help to make the innovation a success. AgriGrow will even help its clients beyond the innovation itself. They also offer help with grant applications, project management, and IP protection.

AgriGrow is willing to go the extra mile for its clients because it recognizes the importance of their client’s ideas. One of these ideas could be the idea that saves the world from the pending food and agriculture crisis, and AgriGrowstrives to bring that idea to life.

Media Contact
Company Name: AgriGrow
Contact Person: Dr. Darren Hughes
Email: darren.hughes@agrigrow.com.au
Phone: 0436115462
City: Perth
State: Western Australia, 6330
Country: Australia
Website: http://www.agrigrow.com.au/