CORAcsi revolutionizes cyber security with “quantum safe” cryptography

Canadian cyber security company CORAcsi has come up with futuristic Windows application CORA-X which is powered by unbreakable quantum safe cryptography and is able to mitigate hacking threats today and tomorrow.

Ontario, Canada, November 29, 2017: Ontario-based CORAcsi is looking forward to revolutionize the contemporary cyber security scene with its next-gen Windows application CORA-X. The application is backed by the groundbreaking CORA API; a quantum safe cryptography which makes the hack irrelevant. CORA-X would benefit any Windows user with unbreakable data security. 

“We are excited to bring to you CORA-X. It’s powered by the futuristic CORA- the next BIG thing in the world of cyber security. Current encryption models can be broken if a hacker gets access to a copy of the encrypted file. But CORA is simply ‘unbreakable’ and its quantum safe cryptography will transcend encryption technology to a whole new level”, stated Joseph Latouf, the man behind CORAcsi.

Speaking further, he explained the typical problems of current encryption models and how CORA beats them with its next-generation features.

The IT world anticipates that quantum computers will be the killer of factor based encryption. The existing encryption models are based on factorization algorithms. These algorithms have a finite key-size which leads to recursive “block-based” algorithms. Moreover, the growth of distributed computing that we see today poses a threat to the current factor-based encryption. Studies have shown that current encryption systems can be broken even if those have been implemented appropriately.  

“The current encryption standards cannot accommodate the power of quantum computers. CORA is ‘quantum safe’ and assures the absolute indomitable encryption model that you need for the coming quantum-computer age. Unlike the dated factor-based algorithm used in current encryption, CORA is backed by a probabilistic model and it takes infinite numbers of attempts to break its encryption.”

One factor that makes CORA stand out is its MUP (Multiple Use Pads) infrastructure. CORA-X will use a minimum 150 kB MUP which equals 1,200,000-bit encryption! Unlike impractical One Time Pads that can only be used once, MUPs are practical, reusable and fast. 

MUPs are more than 10300,000 times stronger than all the current encryption models we find today.

Additionally, CORA is designed to be a distributed solution (akin to blockchains) with centralized control structure. The centralized factor makes it even more formidable against the alarming rise of hacking threats worldwide. 

“Backed by a centralized control structure, CORA is capable of shutting down a solution the moment even a single CORA bloc is found to be compromised. Put simply, CORA is the thing we have been waiting for to put an end to the alarming hacking menace today.”

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