Young College Dropout and Founder of Strawberry Box Media Abhishek Jain Recognized for helping Tech Startups

The founder of United States based tech company Strawberry Box Media, Abhishek Jain, is being recognized for his accomplishments with app and web based tech startups.  The company is on track to become a half a million dollar a year company in under 2 years at the hands of Jain, a college dropout.  The success story is being shared around the world to inspire other startup entrepreneurs. 

“I am thrilled to be recognized for the revolutionary tech work we do here at Strawberry Box Media,” stated Abhishek.  “It’s a startup that is dear to my heart that proved to me that success is not limited.  Dropping out of college was a hard decision and it gave me sleepless nights, but I am glad it all worked out for the best in the end.  Success is defined by your action and is not dependent upon the standards society sets.  I am proud of the company and am excited to watch it grow.”

Abhishek Jain was twenty-two when he founded Strawberry Box Media out of his dining room table with only $400.  It was a rough time in the talented young man’s life.  He had dropped out of Penn State University to pursue his dream of becoming a businessman.  What could have been a costly mistake turned in to an incredible success, the app development startup of Strawberry Box Media.

When asked about his vision for the future, Jain said “I don’t see a sustainable future in the business that we are in, technology is changing quickly, Web and App development have turned into very competitive mass market fields and will only be used as interfaces for other bigger technologies, the future I believe lies in AI and Sensor technology, and I am trying to build that capability first in myself and then In my team for us to be able to offer products and services in those domains in the near future.”

Strawberry Box Media is heralded by many as being one of the best web and app development firms in the entire world.  They cover a large array of services including app development, virtual reality, SEO, marketing and web design.

The formula incorporated by the web and app development company is one that has been proven over the two year in business.  The workflow process takes the project smoothly from start to finish, resulting in high quality workmanship that clients rave about in the site’s reviews.

The main operations headquarter is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  There are other locations within the United States and in the United Kingdom now as well.  Those who are interested in the Strawberry Box Media services are invited to stop by for coffee to get to know the staff and to learn more about how the process works.

To find out more about the app and web development company, Strawberry Box Media, or to take advantage of its features, visit the company website at

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