The New Film of Famous Actress Wang Xingya is Shot in New York

The reporter has learned: Wang Xingya, the famous actress as well as the spokesperson of Ctrip Nymph Travel App, is shooting the new film in New York busily. The film mainly tells a miserable love story between two lovers during the Republican period.

As the scriptwriter, producer and leading actress, she is highly praised by Taiwanese directors for her serious attitude. Since the debut, Wang Xingya successfully got involved in film and entertainment business by virtue of noble and elegant temperament and perfect body.

She has played numerous movies and TV plays, and served as guests of large variety shows at home and abroad for several times as a rare versatile talent.
She is also known as “Desperate Woman” with multiple roles simultaneously. The content of this film covers three centuries, and the scenes are taken in four countries from China, the U.S., Canada to Japan.

World War II is taken as the theme to describe the helplessness of unimportant persons in a large background, and their fates without definite residence, therefore this film is full of romanticism as the film firstly compiled and directed by Wang Xingya.

It is expected to be released in the second half of next year. Please support it more. The film name is kept as a secret temperately.


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