CryptoBank Nebeus Launches Crypto-Collateral Loan Program Ahead of ICO

LONDON, UK – 11/29/2017 — Cryptocurrency platform Nebeus has announced the launch of a program for potential token holders just days ahead of the ICO, which will start on November 30, 2017 worldwide.Now the participants in the Nebeus program can get guaranteed loans against their crypto-holdings – get cash and not spend their appreciating Bitcoins and Ethereums.

According to Nebeus, applicants can borrow fiat currency and use it for any needs without selling their crypto-savings.Once a loan is repaid, the collateral gets returned to the borrower’s e-wallet.This may come especially handy around the Holiday season when millions of people need extra spending money for shopping.

“And this is not all. We are also offering an unmatched service – P2P collateral crypto loans.Over 70% of cryptocurrency owners could generate passive income with bitcoin loans while keeping their cryptosavings intact, as research shows.For those willing to lend, our platform will provide opportunities to get significantly higher returns than in conventional banking, while providing the security of a loan return backed by collateral in cryptocurrency,” said Sergey Romanovsky, Nebeus co-founder. 

The three-year old fintech business, which turned to blockchain to create an open platform for consumption andcreation of financial services and products, has raised almost $2 million in private funding during the pre-sale phase of its fundraising campaign.Having started its business by developing a cryptowallet, Nebeus is currently used by 20,000 customers to get instant loans in bitcoin.

Nebeus reports that its P2P lending service is growing 300 percent per each quarter.The company wants to become a financial supermarket of crypto financial services and the world’s leading cryptobank.The upcoming token sale is aiming to raise $30 million to scale the platform and to launch the banking business. 

The closely held Nebeus is the world leader in the number of crypto loans issued per hour.The company will be one of the first platforms to provide cards linked directly to cryptocurrency accounts, which will allow fiat ATM cash withdrawals in and fiat payments in the retail environment. Running a financial services supermarket paves the way for both Nebeus being able to roll out new services fast, and for Nebeus partners and ecosystem participants to be able to launch and market new products with considerable ease.

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About Nebeus

Nebeus provides instant loans in bitcoins, serves as a P2P exchange platform and features a user-friendly bitcoin wallet.The Nebeus trading system will allow users to buy and sell bitcoins with favourable exchange rates and will allow instant deposits into user accounts.The Nebeus platform was first developed in 2014 with the goal of delivering a convenient, low-cost and highly efficient service that meet the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving crypto-currency market. Nebeus is a Level 39 member and portfolio company.

Contact: Max Smetannikov, Irina Nazarova, MVG for Nebeus, +1 646 205 7030, 

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