Greenville DesignWorks Builds Responsive Web Designs through a 4-phase Design Process

Greenville SC web design services implements a 4-phase design process to build websites with a responsive design that boosts traffic, returns and search engine results regardless of the device that’s being used to view the site. Every website is carefully designed and built from a comprehensive viewpoint to ensure that everything works exactly as planned.

Website design Greenville plays an important part in a customer’s decision to stay or leave the site. Since customers are not just using their computers to browse the web, it is important for businesses to have a responsive website. This way, customers can view the site properly regardless of the device they are using. The site needs to be professional looking and elegant as it represents the brand and company. Greenville DesignWorks 4-phase design process keeps them on the same page with their clients, allowing them to build a fully functional website that is exactly what the client wants and needs. Having a good understanding of the client’s business allows them to choose and develop what features would work best in attracting people towards a website.

The team creates a unique interface that would enhance not only the performance of the site, but also the growth of their client’s business. A responsive and optimized website provides a better user experience for visitors, so they may stick around longer and explore the site. A website that is not responsive has lower chances of keeping visitors engaged. According to studies, mobile visitors tend to leave websites that take longer than 3 seconds to finish loading. A website that is not optimized for mobile devices are harder to navigate and take more time to load, which can irritate visitors and cause them to leave.

Ensuring that a website is responsive requires the use of modern performance processes like responsive image display and caching. Developing a separate mobile website requires extra support and testing, 2 design teams and 2 administrative interfaces. The process of developing a responsive website, on the other hand, uses standardized testing practices to guarantee the optimal performance of the site on every screen.  A responsive design is a one size fits all solution for consumers and business owners. It requires less maintenance and allows all parties involved to save time and focus on more important matters.

Greenville SC DesignWorks website design has a team of experts who combine their years of experience and expertise in online marketing and web design to provide excellent customer service and a human centered design to their clients. Greenville Design Work builds websites with stunning graphics, original content and clean code. They also offer social media integration, content strategy services, stock and custom photography, CMS/WordPress training and hosting plans. Greenville DesignWorks can handle a website’s back end aspects including domains, hosts, email services and servers. They can also provide ongoing IT support to guarantee the successful launch and operation of a website.

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