Passat Ltd., World Leader in Manufacturing High Peak Power Picosecond Lasers, Launches HPRR 14 kHz DPSS Laser

Ontario, Canada – Passat Ltd., the maker of the highest peak power DPSS UV lasers in the world, has announced a brand new product, the high pulse repetition rate, 14 kHz DPSS Picosecond Laser Model. The power varies from 250 MW (1064 nm), 100 MW (355 nm), 50 MW (266 nm), 10 MW (213 nm).

A world leader in picosecond laser products and services, Passat Ltd. recently has introduced the new 14 kHz DPSS Laser Model, which is in the Compiler HPRR family. The product is the most advanced version in the Compiler picosecond lasers family, with no fiber coupling. This complete delivery set for the 14 kHz air-cooled DPSS laser comprises the laser, power unit, signal cable, power cord, CD with manual and control software.
The 14 kHz DPSS Picosecond Laser at 1064nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm, 213 nm is meant for applications in processes such as wafer cutting, micro- and nano-machining, semiconductors scribing, and remote sensing. The DPSS picosecond laser also finds applications in laser ablation, fragmentation and destruction, medical and biomedical research and other areas.
Passat is renowned for its short-pulsed diode-pumped solid-state lasers and DPSS laser components. The picosecond DPSS UV lasers carry a high pulse peak power, the highest power-to-price ratio and wavelength conversion efficiency.

“Our turn-key picosecond and subnanosecond DPSS lasers enjoy compact rugged design, high stability and efficiency. Besides products, Passat carries decades of experience offering complicated laser micromachining processes to laser-mill fine features in a wide range of materials,” said a company spokesperson.

Among its laser driven services, Passat offers laser micro-drilling for creating micro-holes in any material, using a wide range of short and ultrashort pulsed lasers in various wavelengths. The company also offers laser micro-patterning for engraving a range of shapes and patterns on any given material. Laser micro-scribing is yet another process for scribing fine features on a material.
Besides, Passat is a favored source of  picosecond 213-nm lasers SubNaples Mini 213 that are the most compact source in this laser category with multi-billion number of pulses guaranteed.

The company’s product also formed part of the Phoenix Martian Mission.

Since 1995, Passat specializes in the manufacturing of compact turnkey nano and picosecond diode-pumped solid-state lasers and related nonlinear optical components. Using innovative designs that exploit solid-state phase conjugation, pulse compression and frequency conversion, Passat makes diode-pumped solid state lasers with harmonics generators and Raman shifters that cover the spectrum range from eye-safe (1.6 µm) to UV (213 nm, 266 nm, 355 nm).
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