Stand Up Desk Reviews Provides Reviews of Ergonomic Office Desks

Stand Up Desk Reviews is a specialized blog site that offers a broad range of detailed reviews of the best modern ergonomic desks that help office workers to avoid the health problems associated with prolonged periods in a sedentary position. These include diabetes, circulation problems, and heart disease. Among the products reviewed are the market’s top 10 standing desks and 2017’s best autonomous desks.

The homepage of Stand Up Desk Reviews contains useful links to the site’s useful blog articles. These include: what is a stand up desk; the reasons why office workers need an autonomous desk; the health benefits of owning a stand up/autonomous smart desk; the benefits of standing desks for children; links to reviews of the best models of standing and autonomous desks; and, how much such products cost. The homepage also contains links to reviews of various types of ergonomic desks such as uplift desk/executive stand steady, two-tier standing desks, traveler folding desk, and white writing desks.

In the rest of the Stand Up Desk Reviews site, blog articles are divided into four main categories: top 10 standing desk reviews, 2017 autonomous desk reviews, best standing desk accessories, and a review of an adjustable standing desk for children. Within the top 10 standing desk review category, the guide begins with an overview of the health benefits of standing desk and the characteristics of a great product. These include affordability and quality; adjustability for even very tall people; the ability to save height settings; a seven-year warranty; good cable management options so gadgets such as computers and music players can be organised; and storage space such as trays.

Each blog category also contains tables and/or photo links of all products where site visitors can view the main features of standing and autonomous desks at a glance and click a button link for each product, which direct readers to the Amazon site where they can check prices and see customer reviews of the product.

Finally, each product review contains a list of features including the desk’s weight, dimensions, and height, the number of height settings; and the type of mechanism followed by a description of how the desk works. The review ends with a concise list of the pros and cons of each product.

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