Inno Molding Co., Ltd Proclaims The Bulk Availability Of Injection Molded Components

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is one of the leading plastic molding companies in China that has amassed a high degree of specialization in offering injection molding services and making plastic molds as well as prototyping and producing complete products.

It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the entire world would have come to a standstill long ago in the absence of injection molded parts. To be precise, a great many of the things, big and small, used by mankind would never have seen the light of the day if the plastic injection molding mechanism had not evolved. That this specific process for molding plastic components and parts is used extensively throughout the world is overwhelming proof of its superiority over other plastic molding techniques.

There are some distinct advantages of harnessing plastic molding method that engineers, manufacturers, technicians, and all other design professionals make the most of like increased efficiency and automation resulting in better designed components as well as savings in time and money. Inno Molding Co is one of the major plastic molding companies based in Shenzhen that makes the most of plastic molding technology.

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As one of the premier injection molding manufacturers, Inno Molding Co.,Ltd has become an expert in producing a wide variety of plastic molds and parts that are used sweepingly across different industries. The plastic parts and components that the company fabricates by exploiting the aforementioned molding system include automotive parts, gears, combs, keyboards, bottle caps, medical, musical and scientific instruments parts, storage containers, and countless other things. The injection molding services provided by Inno Molding Co.,Ltd come handy for creating turnkey products. This outfit also has the expertise and experience of designing a product by going back to the drawing board, creating a prototype, and finally fabricating the product as per the customer’s specifications.

The total number of injection molding companies in China with a complete infrastructure are extremely limited and few and Inno Molding Co.,Ltd happens to be one of them. Established a little more than 20 years ago, this plastic molding establishment has a sprawling tool shop with an area of 3,000 sq meters. The factory of this enterprise houses a total of 30 sets of precision molding machines that are manned by 120 employees. These employees happen to be incredibly skilled and experienced mold machine operators and mold toolmakers. On the other hand, Inno Mold has on its rolls, product design and development engineers and designers, perfectly capable of fulfilling turnkey product manufacturing as per customers’ specifications.

One of the forefront plastic molding companies in Shenzhen China, Inno Molding Co.,Ltd makes full use of the latest CAD/CAM techniques for injection molding like Pro/e, UG,  AutoCAD, Master CAM, and Moldflow. Long before the company gets down to working on a project, it carries out DFM analysis as well as a FMEA risk assessment using moldflow software. 3D prototypes of products are crafted from 2D drawings so that the final mold and product is strictly according to specifications.

About Inno Molding Co.,Ltd

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd, incorporated in 1996 has come to build a solid goodwill by consistently manufacturing sweeping plastic molded parts using injection molding procedure.  

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