‘PhotoShoot’ Delivers a Safe Platform for Collaboration between Photographers and Models with Launch of Mobile App

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – 1 Dec, 2017 – PhotoShoot, a recent Swiss startup in the field of photography and modeling has delivered an exciting new mobile app for iOS and has announced plans to build an Android version before Christmas this year. After the successful release of the iOS version in October 2017, and with a steadily growing global user base, an Android version is being made due to many expressions of interest. 

This innovative yet simple app fills a gap in the industry that has been created by the explosion of social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook and enables the safe and secure collaboration between like-minded photographers and models. It‘s free, and can even be used as a great tool to make money! 

“With the advancement of technology in recent years, high quality cameras are available to almost anyone and people are using them to get more and more creative every day,” said Stephen Allen, founder of PhotoShoot.  “And who doesn’t want to look their best on their social media accounts?” This app makes it much simpler than it has been up to this point. 

PhotoShoot started out as a way to help Stephen find models for portrait photography while travelling. “I was visiting my wife in Boston, MA. in July of this year and I wanted to shoot some portraits on a mutual benefit basis while I had some free time. I found it very time consuming to organise these shoots and I was never sure if the person I was meeting could be trusted. There had to be a better way, and now there is.”

So, PhotoShoot started out of a need, a need that other people were found to share. The quiet release of the iOS version of the app gained a lot of interest and is getting positive feedback. With over 2000 followers on Instagram (@photoshoot_app) after just a few months the future of the app is looking bright.

Media Contact
Company Name: PhotoShoot
Contact Person: Stephen Allen
Country: Switzerland
Website: http://photoshootapplication.com