Elevated Careers Expands Capacity and Reduces Attrition

Chris Daniels, Elevated CEO
The powerhouse HR technology platforms, Candidate.Guru and Elevated Careers by eHarmony, are now one. As key-players in the Human Resources and Recruitment technology space, the companies joined forces to create the ultimate human resource platform, now known as ‘Elevated.’ The integration will enable Elevated to provide top-shelf, problem-solving solutions for the workplace.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Cupertino, CA – It is a well-known industry fact that employee-engagement is a key element for increased productivity.  As a result, major players are changing the process to empower and involve employees, and “who” and “how” they hire. Both companies began with the bedrock position that engaged employees start with the right hires. Their platforms made it possible to find employees who fit into a company’s culture, leading to higher employee retention rates, productivity, motivation, and engagement.  The recent integration of the two solutions resulted in an HR platform that applies scientific methodology to human interpersonal relations, to create a high performing workplace. Elevated expands upon layers of data and evidence-based methodology, to provide the right solutions for employee sourcing, performance matching, and prediction.  This integration has the potential to save companies millions through increased retention.

“We are excited to be leading the charge in employee engagement,” says Chris Daniels, CEO of Elevated. “Being able to provide evidence-based solutions puts us ahead of the competition. We have the ability to evaluate a candidate based on three levels of compatibility: skills, culture, and personality.”

Elevated provides top-shelf hiring solutions for companies and recruiters, utilizing advanced research-based methodology.  This methodology is used as a tool to predict compatibility in two key areas.  First, as an indicator with the candidate’s level of compatibility for a job, which is based on their skills, experience and background.  The tool also measures compatibility with a candidate’s potential manager, and fit within the company culture, based on values derived from 16 key factors.

Elevated helps you to hire smarter,” says Daniels. “There is a right person for every job, and we use established science to find them for our clients. When we can make both the employee and his or her company happy and productive, that is a big win for everyone.”

With the synthesis of these platforms, Elevated has unlimited potential to continue building upon the proven methodology, along with eight-years of research by Ph.D.’s from eHarmony and the culture-conscious work of Candidate.Guru. Elevated now provides a single, end-to-end employee engagement, retention, and branding tool. As the company progresses, solutions will continue to evolve as data is added to the system and workplace cultures become more defined. The merging of the two HR solutions has created more dynamic offerings, and positioned Elevated for future growth.

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