Stamped by Santa Sets the Tone for Christmas with Officially Signed Letters from Saint Nick

North Pole, AK – Christmas is fast approaching and Stamped by Santa intends to keep the yuletide spirit alive – particularly for the kids and the ones who believe in Santa Claus. Gifts are expected to flow and the best way to top that, especially for kids, is to get personalized stamped messages from Santa himself.

Stamped by Santa is perfect for the people who still believe in jolly old Saint Nick. A letter from Santa is expected to carry familiar lines and quotes from the man in the red suit, such as “The elves have told me that you have been a very good boy this year! I was particularly impressed when you [insert good deed]. I’m so proud of you Nathan! Not everyone would’ve done what you did!”

Receiving a letter from Santa should spur up the belief of many kids about Santa Claus. The letters are perfectly crafted, marvelously designed, and capped with seals such as “I’m on Santa’s Good List.” The letterheads and the actual envelopes have been designed in such a way to convince kids and coincide with the most awaited time of the year. Aside from setting the Christmas mood, it aids adults in maintaining tradition and instilling in the minds of kids and the young at heart that there is a Santa Clause in the midst.

Letters from Santa are not the only merchandise that Stamped by Santa has to offer. There are other items like personalized socks for adults and children alike. The socks are adult-sized and can be customized completely with the person’s name. Whether it is an actual letter from Santa or an item with an inscription, hooking up and getting a magnificently designed item in time for the season will help set the Christmas tone in the manner that it should be.

With Christmas only weeks away, getting a letter from Santa should help set the mood. Santa’s Magical Workshop is located at the North Pole, AK, 99705, United States where queries can be made by email at To learn more about Stamped by Santa, their official site can be found at They can also be found on Facebook at

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