Cryptocurrencies Breach the 250 Billion Line in Market Cap

Cryptocurrencies, or digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, have existed online for many years. However, only until recently have they been taken as legitimate monetary resources. There is now a place in the market for cryptocurrencies to compete with traditional forms of currency. Recently, crypto currencies breached the 250 billion line in “market cap.” Market cap, or market capitalization, is calculated by multiplying the number of coins in circulation by their price.

This surge in the worth of cryptocurrencies reveals one very important thing. Now is the time to invest in cryptocurrency. While the world of services like Bitcoin or Zcash may feel intimidating to a newcomer interested in cryptocurrency, services like Bitcoin Generator are around to guide investors of all skill levels when it comes to supporting the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin Generator, or, is an independent source of fresh information all about investing in cryptocurrency. Their website covers the A to Zs of cryptocurrency, from a basic explanation about the concept of cryptocurrency, the different types of cryptocurrency, how they’re used and information on how to trade, buy and invest in these digital currencies.

One of the first questions one may have about investing in cryptocurrency is, why get involved? Why not invest in a more tangible form of currency? Bitcoin Generation breaks down the benefits right on their homepage. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are international – no one bank, state or person controls them. Therefore, they are completely controlled by supply and demand. As today’s world gets increasingly digitized, the demand for services like Bitcoin and its competitors is increasing rapidly.

There is huge potential to hold a lot of value in the cryptocurrency market. Theproof is in the numbers. In 2012, the value of one Bitcoin was 0.5 cents apiece. Five years later, in November of 2017, one Bitcoin was worth €7,000, or $9,300.

The market capitalization for this form of currency continues to grow every day. By the end of 2017, the worth of cryptocurrencies will only have just begun to flourish. As the world moves towards a digital, global society, it will begin to rely more and more on these forms of currency. Smart investors should check out Bitcoin Generator as their resource on their journey to support this new form of currency while they can.

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