LookRateDate.com brings high quality and free Online Dating to the world

NEW YORK, NY – 12/01/2017 —

LookRateDate, a one of a kind online dating website for like-minded people who wanted to start up friendship that could lead to real relationship, today announced their launching on November 30. The event will be highlighted by free memberships and ability to send Amazon gift card to their date as part of the premium service.

LookRateDate will feature relevant contents along with actual members all over the world, with a promise of making the social network as enjoyable as possible without compromising other members safety. 

What LookRateDate.com tries to do here is to make a platform where you have the power to rate and talk to real users all over the world. The site feature contents about health, sex, finance, and even relationships.

The social network also supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender(LGBT) community which makes it one of the most diverse dating website ever created. 

The best part of this dating website, is the gift2date feature, where you can send a gift card to your date without giving away your credit card information. LRD emphasizes the importance of responsible sexual behavior, healthy lifestyle, and financial prudence which everyday Americans have to deal with. 

LookRateDate promises not to discriminate. LRD said they will not tolerate all forms of harassment and illegal activities on the site. Any report to their support team will be dealt with strict confidentiality. A trademark that they want to bring towards a personalized experience to their users which is a stand out towards their competitors.

For product demonstrations and more information on LookRateDate, email us or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn and follow @LookRateDate on Twitter.

About LookRateDate.com
LookRateDate provides a complete, advanced online dating solution for millennials who are adventurous. Our platform offers smart filtering system in order to reach possible dates. LRD eliminates your safety risk and brings back integrity to the social platform with SSL encryption and auto-spam bot feature.  For more information visit LookRateDate.com or email us at support@LookRateDate.com.

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E: support@LookRateDate.com

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