Fortis Tracks Offers Advanced E-commerce for Heavy Equipment Tracks

San Diego, CA—When there’s a vehicle problem, most drivers can trust there is a reputable mechanic up the road that can replace the tire or take care of the oil change that is overdue. Unfortunately, it is not that simple for licensed professionals operating heavy equipment such as an excavator, grader, tracked loader and more because these vehicles require meticulous care. Getting the maintenance and operational components for these vehicles is even more difficult, with warehouse locations being scattered across the country.

As a direct result, Fortis Tracks was developed out of necessity by a group of professionals with over a 150-years of heavy equipment and construction experienced combined. As an e-commerce website, they make the purchasing process simple and convenient. It has never been easier for equipment owners and operators to obtain the parts they need.While before, they might have struggled to obtainthe tracks or tires they needed to keep their equipment in optimal condition, Fortis Tracks makes finding the necessary parts convenient.Equipment owners can browse their extensive online catalogue, which includes mini excavator tracks, skid steer tracks, OTR tires and more.

Consumers searching who are browsing for rubber tracks will find multiple options below the search engine. Once an option has been selected, consumers will be redirected to a page that asks them for a brand and model from the leading competitors in the heavy equipment industry.

They will be pleasantly surprised to find a list of tracks and tires that match their criteria. For more information, consumers are encouraged to click on the product of interest where they will find further details such as width, pitch, and weight as well as an extensive product description. The site offers a simple and convenient checkout, and same day delivery is available for those who place their orders by 1:00 pm CST, excluding weekends and holidays.

Equipment owners and operators can trust they are receiving the highest quality possible when they purchase from Fortis Tracks. The experts prioritize quality over quantity as each brand is thoroughly researched for quality and efficiency when searching for products to add to their massive inventory.

For interested parties or those who have further questions on the brands, products or shipping policies at Fortis Tracks, it is recommended to contact their professionals, or visit their user-friendly e-commerce website to explore their current inventory.

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