Andrew Smart: Showing Small Businesses the Power of a Mobile Marketing Consultant

Andrew Smart is amobile marketing consultant offering to help local-based businesses grow their customer base with clever promotion. Inviting plumbers, roofers, hair salons, lawyers, and other professionals to boost their online presence.

Andrew Smart is an experienced mobile marketing consultant specializing in promoting local businesses. No matter the client’s specialization, he offers to help them find more customers with the power of mobile technology and Internet. In the US, people spend about 71% of their digital time on mobile devices and in Canada and Europe this number ranges from 60 to 70%. This means that mobile-oriented online marketing is the most effective today.

That’s exactly the type of service offered by Andrew Smart at His focus lies in promoting small businesses and entrepreneurs targeting localized customer groups. What sets him apart from other mobile marketing consultants is his talent to draw in customers with clever landing pages.

How a Mobile Marketing Consultant Changes the Game

With the number of mobile users growing all the time, there is no arguing the efficiency of mobile marketing. It’s been a few Internet use from smartphones, tablets, and laptops has finally beaten desktops. This technology only gains a stronger position with every passing day.

Mobile marketing consulting emerged as a niche targeted towards businesses who want to make the best use of this change. These professionals are not only marketing experts. They understand the needs and desires of the audiences that prefer to use mobile devices. Therefore, they can ensure the most efficient promotion through this branch of tech.

One cannot apply the same marketing methods to mobile promotion as they would to regular Internet marketing. For example, paid ads are a very effective tool for ‘large-screen’ business promotion. However, 70% of all mobile users admit to hating ads that pop up on their smartphones and tablets.

A mobile marketing consultant is a person who will know all these details. This means they are able to maximize the efficiency of business promotion and ensure a business uses its marketing budget right.

Why Trust Andrew Smart?

Andrew Smart has been a mobile marketing expert for years and during this time, he developed a variety of effective techniques. He uses his skills and experience to create promotion plans perfect for the needs of every client, be they a plumbing contractor in a small rural town or a lawyer from a major city.

Being a mobile marketing consultant, Mr. Smart provides his expertise and guarantees to boost mobile traffic. He also guarantees 100% transparency and honesty. Like any marketing professional, he cannot promise that the client’s business will grow favorably. However, he does offer a solid guarantee that his assistance will increase the incoming traffic from the audience that uses mobile gadgets.

Media Contact
Company Name: Enough Marketing
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Phone: (435) 214-1700
Address:168 N 100 E #208
City: St George
State: UT 84770
Country: United States