Freeman Surveying Rebrands and Expands Energy Surveying Services

Newport, UK—Given the ever-changing climate, governmental energy regulations and overall mindfulness of energy consumption are very important. This is especially true when constructing a new building and it will normally be the case that a Commercial Energy Assessment is required. The assessment is part of the processof procuring the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is required for any new property or property transaction. This process is normally complicated and time consuming to carry out with accuracy. However, Freeman Surveying LTD is changing the game. With their quick and customer-focused efficiency, Freeman Surveying LTD turns the completion of EPCs into a painless process.

Freeman Surveying LTD,, is primarily located in the south of Wales although they have locations in many different areas, including Newport, Bristol, and Cardiff. With this wide array of locations, the acquisition of professional energy certification and consulting advice is easy to obtain. Freeman Surveying LTD focuses solely on non-domestic buildings, and is a direct provider of energy efficiency services. The company seeks to make the routinely arduous requirements of energy efficiency checks simple for the paying customer. Freeman Surveying LTD primarily conducts Commercial EPCs and Asbestos Management Surveys.

With a commercial building, there are many tests and checks to ensure that the building is properly placed tomeet legal compliance requirements. Freeman Surveying LTD offers a wide variety of helpful services. First and foremost, they offer reasonably priced Commercial EPCs in Newport. A Commercial EPC is a certification that ensures the heating, ventilation, and overall energy usage of a building is up to required standards for commercial compliance. These certifications last for 10 years.

The company also offers Asbestos Management Surveys. An Asbestos Management Survey is an internal and external surveying of a structure that determines if there are any asbestos-containing materials present. Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are also offered by Freeman Surveying LTD. These certificates identify the operational energy efficiency of an establishment. These resources only serve to skim the surface of what is offered by the company. The breadth of services offered helps to further expedite the process of getting these required tests done because there is one company to provide all of them.

Freeman Surveying LTD is a company that puts the ease of the customer first. They are known for the quality and speed at which they are able to complete their given instructions. Not only are the actual assessments praised for their speed, but the company assures prospective clients a two-hour email response time. The efficient connection with customer care is a priority from the first introduction. The company is directly in charge of the services they provide which allows them to maintain low prices. Their notable speed and cost efficiency are moving the company to the forefront of the energy surveying in South Wales.

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