Sin City Training Personal Trainer Getting Certified in Functional Medicine

LAS VEGAS, NV- Sin City Training, Matthew Hanson’s Las Vegas based personal training company, has been a reliable and helpful resource for those in the Las Vegas valley that are looking to change their lives for the better. With years of training and certification under his belt, Hanson is able to treat each client as individual and help them be their best selves through exercise and personal fitness. The results of the work that Hanson does with Sin City Training is remarkable, and is only continuing to get better. A dedicated personal trainer who is passionate about his craft, Matthew Hanson at Sin City Training is a Las Vegas personal trainer that is consistently striving to do what is best for his clients and their health. 

Now, with many years of personal training under his belt, Hanson and Sin City Training have decided to take their business and expertise up a notch by becoming certified in Functional Medicine. With an expected graduation date of February 2019, an education in Functional Medicine will provide an added layer to Hanson’s work that no other Las Vegas personal trainer offers. Viewed as the future of current conventional medicinal practices, Functional Medicine focuses on treating the body as one integrated system as opposed to a collection of separate parts. This encourages whole body health instead of just treating the body one symptom at a time.

Sin City Training is also hitting another large milestone, the company’s 15th anniversary. This means that they have served thousands of clients with a wide variety of needs over the years. Sin City Training is available to travel to their clients, or have their clients travel to them, and they are capable of offering a whole plethora of services- from weight sustenance to weight loss and everything in between. Sin City Training is dedicated to helping their customers live their best lives possible, and with the upcoming addition of Matthew Hansons Functional Medicine certification, their services will only broaden further.

When it comes to personal training in the Las Vegas valley, nothing compares to the service and expertise that Sin City Training provides. Their customers have been made happy by their work time and time again, and will now only continue to grow and expand their business with Sin City Training. With 15 years of service under their belt, Sin City Training has done great things, and in the future there are many more great things to come, including services in Functional Medicine.

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