Surrey Carpet and Upholstery Service Saves Homeowners Money and Time

Surrey, UK—Carpet replacement is an inconvenient and costly endeavour, but sometimes it seems like the only solution. Carpets can accumulate dust, pet hair, grit and grime over time, and stains and marks can alter their appearance. But the hassle of exposed flooring and removing furniture in the process of carpet replacement is not always a solution that homeowners want to deal with. However, there is another solution besides carpet replacement. With Fabclean, home and business owners can entrust their residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Surrey to a professional team equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Fabclean,, has been delivering exceptional carpet cleaning service since 2002. In their 15 years of experience, the company has acquired a diverse list of residential and commercial clientele with varying expectations in terms of their carpet and upholstery cleaning. The company utilises state-of-the-art equipment and mobile services as part of their carpet and upholstery cleaning setup. They arrive at the site with a high-tech cleaning truck, which has an internal combustion engine that utilizes water jets to pump steam andFabclean shampoo at a rate of 1,200 per square inch. The shampoo is formulated to loosen dirt and other debris embedded in the carpet while killing bacteria.Excess waste can raise concerns among residents and commercial property owners alike, but Fabclean uses waste reduction techniques to ensure the most environmentally sustainable services. In contrast to their leading competitors, they guarantee faster drying since 98% of moisture is recovered during the cleaning process.  The pumps they use operate with a vacuum that absorbs the excess waste and pumps it back into the truck’s waste water tank. In addition, the materials and equipment utilised during their service are located in their truck. This ensures that the Fabclean team is not dragging tools and debris through their client’s property.

Fabclean offers exceptional upholstery cleaning Surrey services as well. Most consumers are all too aware that their sofas, armchairs and soft furnishings accumulate, dirt, stains, and pet odour over time, leaving them with one of two options. If a stain is not removable, some people simply turn the cushion over, or theyattempt to mask the odour with fresheners. The other option they are stuck with is buying new furniture. With Fabclean, however, deep cleaning services for upholstery is available, making it unnecessary to go out and buy new furniture.

The team at Fabclean strives to deliver efficient service without sacrificing quality. Their cleaning process is ultra-hygienic since excess waste is pumped back into the truck. For these benefits and more, consumers are encouraged to contact the team at Fabclean for a quote!

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