GenieBelt reveal the secret of construction

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – 12/1/2017 — In this age, the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Data is produced everywhere, including the construction industry. GenieBelt present their take on data in construction and how it can be used for a more profitable, transparent and accountable construction project management process. 

Where is the industry struggling?

The construction industry produces the highest amount of data compared to any other industry, but 95% of it is thrown away. This is mainly due to no improvement in its productivity level, which has remained flat for at least two decades. Moreover, construction agents needs to get better at comprehending, collecting and administrating all the available data.

Such problems leads to a massive amount of construction waste yearly, where vast amount of materials lay unused on construction sites. This is due to poor planning and collaboration between various project agents. In fact, the construction industry is producing 34.7% of the total waste in Europe – making it a big problem. 

The solution

What the industry needs is more transparency and accountability, which can be achieved through digital tools that can deal with all the data being produced. At the moment, we’re looking at a $10 trillion giant with feet of clay. But if we get people in the building sector to realize that now is the time to take stand and change, we could be looking at a more efficient future. Read more about this at GenieBelt

GenieBelt, is a startup company that provides real-time project management software for the construction industry, and is improving the way construction companies communicate and organise themselves.

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