Oriental Cartier HONG MEN is Looking Forward To The World Stage

According to recent news, the Oriental luxury brand HONG MEN will be stationed in “crossroads of the world”, the large screen of NASDAQ in Times Square of New York, USA and convey to the world an Oriental beauty.

HONG MEN, a luxury brand from China, was founded in 2016 and it is hailed as the Oriental Cartier. The brand includes jewelry, home furnishing, beverage, luggage and other categories. It is committed to the inheritance and innovation of Oriental culture and the establishment of Oriental new noble’s lifestyle.

The HONG MEN products are not only luxurious and elegant but also incorporating Oriental elements and fairy tales, which have certain collection value and spiritual significance. Because of the strategy of customizing and limited edition of the products, they are favored and popular among upper society in China, including politicians, diplomatists and leaders. HONG MEN products give the new noble a strong sense of identity and belonging, which is a symbol of economic strength, cultural taste and social prestige.

The first tea series of HONG ZHEN launched in 2017 is praised as a jeweler in tea drinks. The slogan of the product “every sip is treasure” is not just because of the components of precious food-medicine materials and the selection of tea, it’s also the world’s first velvet tea bag that is hand-made with velvet and gold thread. As for the expression of Oriental culture, HONG ZHEN doesn’t copy indiscriminately and the design incorporates the most fashionable Oriental attitude in the contemporary life. It is the best tea drink that combines Oriental elegance and ceremonial sense, which fully reflects the way to get along with Oriental friends.

The HONG MEN tea box launched in the same year is an art luxury integrating Oriental life aesthetics. As the world’s first story tea box, it integrates Oriental elements in design and appearance. Moreover, the internal filler takes Buddhist philosophy as inspiration, which further adds hermits’ mysterious color to work conveying and conception. In addition to being a fully functional tea box when receiving guests, it’s also a Chinese artwork with soul and attitude. At the scene of product launch, SAN YOU, the founder of the brand introduced to VIP customers the story about HONG MEN. The foreign customers could help commenting many flattery words, such as “This is the best Oriental legend I’ve heard”, “It reminds me of the Forbidden City”, etc. The founder also replied that the original intention of HONG MEN tea box design was not only to enjoy the Oriental life aesthetics, but also to share such life concept so that the treated friends could be respected greatly.

It is reported that HONG MEN has cooperated with some international commercial clubs and conducted cooperation with different countries. It remains to be seen how the young luxury brand will develop in the future.

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