Community AIDS Network (CAN) Announces Name Change to CAN Community Health

SARASOTA, FL – 12/4/2017 — Community AIDS Network (CAN) president and CEO, Richard E. Carlisle, announced this week that CAN has transitioned its brand identity from the paired “Comprehensive Care Center, Inc.” dba “Community AIDS Network” to a singular brand: “CAN Community Health.”                             

The new brand is the result of a team effort by CAN’s senior leadership from all aspects of the nonprofit – operations, clinical services, advancement, compliance, communications and more.

Carlisle, in making the announcement, said, “This brand refreshing is long overdue. For some time now, we’ve understood that patients will be reluctant to be seen going in and out of a building with a sign that says, ‘Community AIDS Network.’ We never want to be in a position where we lose a patient because of the sign on the building. Our name may have changed, but our mission remains the same. This new, unified brand brings it all together in a way that everyone – patients, staff, donors, patrons and volunteers – can embrace.”

Another aspect of the brand refresh is a new web URL. Effective with the launch of the new branding system, the CAN website will have a new address:

Bob Trisolini, CAN Chairman of the Board, said, “Removing the word AIDS helps remove the stigma from those living with HIV/AIDS because CAN is so much more. Our mission now includes the fight against hepatitis C and other STDs. The word CAN stands for hope and we CAN make a difference. Now is the time to change stigma to compassion!”


CAN Community Health is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment, care and continual wellness of people living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and other STDs. The clinics offer the finest medical, dental, psychological and lifestyle counseling to all patients, regardless of their financial situation, insurance status or ability to pay. For more information visit

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