SmallRig to Collaborate with Distributors to Globally Market Their Exclusive Products

SmallRig, a global supplier of camera rigs, cages, and other accessories, is all set to collaborate with distributors worldwide in 2018 to better market their exclusive products.

SmallRig, a wholesale distributor and supplier of camera rigs and other sorts of accessories, recently announced that they will work closely with distributors worldwide to promote and market heir exclusive products. SmallRig, which was established ten years back in Shenzhen, China by a group of photography professionals who were keen on finding the best possible solutions for problems in real-world shooting, will sign contracts with their distributors worldwide to market exclusive products.

This year, the China-based wholesaler and supplier of camera accessories expanded their domestic sales network and the owners said that the challenge now is to offer competitive pricing and profitable branding for their distributors overseas.

“We will start closely working with distributors and dealers for promoting and selling exclusive products, and these will be labelled as the distributor’s product as well as will carry the logo of SmallRig. These exclusive products won’t be sold through other channels”, stated a sales and marketing executive.

“We will also begin sourcing and upgrading our existing products to boost sales, so that our resellers may enjoy more choices from the best sellers. At present, we have more than three hundred best sellers in our network, which we want to double by the end of 2018”, added the executive during a press conference held at company headquarters.

Besides offering compact, affordable and flexible camera accessories to their buyers worldwide, the company also aims at designing professional-quality camera accessories in close collaboration with photographers and related professionals dotted across the world. At present, the company offers a full range of camera accessories, including but limited to cages, rigs, shoulder support systems, tripod systems and many other unique parts and accessories. The products which the company supplies pass through a co-design and quality analysis program which is supervised by eminent filmmakers and photographers.

“For the past ten years, we have gradually set up a worldwide distribution and collaboration network. We have now our partners and authorized distributors across North America, Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania and we are growing every day. We hope 2018 will be a fresh start for our business”, said Joy Chow, the CEO and managing director.

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SmallRig is a global distributor of camera accessories.

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