Aux Ark Trading, a full-service wholesale glass pipes, wholesale bongs, wholesale water pipes, and wholesale dab rigs distributor that offers high quality products at affordable prices today, this week announced as part of their holiday deal to smoke shops around the country, they are offering free shipping on all of their wholesale products.

Borne from a passion for providing smoke and dispensary shops with access to high quality products that make sense for every kind of budget, Aux Ark Trading has also announced an expansion to their inventory, with greater shopping selections during the holiday season.

“As part of the giving spirit, we are offering totally free shipping to orders of any size, plus an expanded inventory to accommodate everyone’s purchases,” said Tracie Brady, Founder and Owner of Aux Ark Trading. “We proudly carry everything from wholesale pipes to wholesale oil rigs, constantly refining and evaluating our product selection to reflect the very best industry standards.”

Aux Ark Trading sells a variety of smoking products today, like oil rigs, dab rigs, concentrate pipes, bongs, bubblers, chillums, and water pipes. They primarily work with smoke shops, medical cannabis dispensaries, recreational cannabis stores, and adult shops around the country. Aux Ark Trading proudly offers wholesale pricing on grinders, nails and domes, dab accessories, and dug outs.

Founded in 2003, Aux Ark Trading has a reputable base of loyal consumers that have been returning for 14-years to buy wholesale from the company. Known for convenient products that can be easily cleaned, Aux Ark Trading is characterized by products that provide a cleaner tasting smoke, enabling the pure flavors to really blossom with each individual pipe or bong.

“We hand-pick every item we sell, striving to keep our line of products top-notch for the best comprehensive selection out there right now,” said Tracie. “We carry exclusive pipes that are only available through us, adding a boutique element to our passion today. Spread the word regarding our new holiday offers, and head on over to our platform today to peruse our expansive selection of smoke shop products and accessories.”

Aux Ark Trading also features an informational blog on their website, covering product tips and tricks, as well as industry updates and breaking news topics.

For more information, or to utilize their free shipping offer now through the holidays, visit:

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