Painted Paws Offering Artistic Way to Immortalize Dear Friends with a Coloured Pencil Pet Portrait

Painted Paws is a team of artists who love animals and offer everyone a chance to get a professional coloured pencil pet portrait. Portraits are drawn from the pets’ pictures, so one can get a portrait of a friend that is no longer with them.

Pets are more than mere animals. For the majority of their owners they become close friends. People come to regard them as family members. Therefore, it’s always a tragedy when one of them passes away. Painted Paws, a UK artist service, now offers a chance to immortalize these dearest animals. They can create a beautiful coloured pencil pet portrait using a picture. The stunning artwork makes a great memento of a precious friend.

Every artist working with the Painted Paws team has a unique manner of drawing and a passionate love for all animals. They are able to make magnificent pieces featuring one or several animals.

The service is focused on providing the highest level of efficiency. One can easily order a coloured pencil pet portrait online at The client only needs to upload a few pictures of their friend and specify the type of artwork they want. The process takes a few minutes and Painted Paws has a 24/7 customer support running through their Facebook page. There one can check whether their images are suitable for the task.

coloured pet pencil portraitWhat Can One Expect from Working with Painted Paws UK?

Painted Paws is a new business, but throughout its short existence, it has already managed to attract a lot of customers. Their testimonials along with the images created by the Painted Paws’ team are available on the service’s website.

As the team consists of several artists, each of them has their own unique style and uses different materials. The coloured pencil pet portrait is the latest addition to the Painted Paws’ catalogue. It’s also one of the most popular because this medium allows capturing animals perfectly.

Due to the technical requirements of such work, the photos necessary to create a beautiful coloured pencil pet portrait must be high-quality. It’s best to use several portrait-format pictures. However, artists can work with a variety of shots.

One of the advantages of getting a pet portrait from Painted Paws is that the photos artists need don’t have to be professional. Therefore, the owner doesn’t have to spend a small fortune on a photographer. A few shots from the phone are enough to give the artist what they need to complete a realistic drawing.

Painted Paws work fast and offer a wide range of services. This service can create a portrait featuring several pets using a variety of their individual pictures. This can be a great way to commemorate several generations of family pets. 

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