PLM Restoration Helps as Houston is Still Cleaning Up from Hurricane Harvey

Houston, TX – PLM Restoration is a locally run company established in 1996 committed to helping clients in restoring properties to pre-existing conditions. They house certified and well-trained professionals to help out the inhabitants of Houston and its surrounding borders. There are still a lot of homes in despair, particularly the ones still recovering from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. A lot of homes are still seeking the proper restoration from water damage and mold remediation services.

PLM Restoration is a full-service disaster restoration and water damage contractor that performs all phases of water damage restoration, including water mitigation and home build-back. Houston TX is prone to flood damage, especially during hurricane season. As Houston, Texas grows the infrastructure is less able to handle floodwaters. Aside from the complete flood damage cleanup services they offer, PLM Restoration can even take the lead in communicating with insurance. With debates tied up to fair value on water-damaged homes and belongings, PLM will deploy its own team to make sure that optimal value is arrived at.

Restoring after water damage is a tedious undertaking and PLM Restoration is committed to covering all bases caused by extensive flooding. Water cleanup is a tedious service, depending on how big or small the affected property is. With many water restoration companies in the Houston area, customers are encouraged to look over their credibility, particularly in terms of knowledge and history of delivering precision service. For PLM Restoration, all that is delivered with well-trained individuals taking the lead. Attention to detail and covering the affected portions is crucial since it helps avoid another issue in the form of mold growth.

Mold remediation services after Harvey in Houston will unsurprisingly spike, especially with the governing humid conditions. Mold buildups are hardly a surprise to homeowners left with no recourse but to call on a company to lead the mold remediation process. To properly assess the situation, it would be best to have a mold inspection for a better view of a home’s status. Should there be threats, PLM Restoration is ready to perform the needed cleanup on affected areas.  

Homeowners who need remediation services can sit down with PLM Restoration professionals to discuss their concerns. They are located at 6422 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084 where appointments and queries can be done either by phone at (832) 434-7130 or via e-mail at

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