Author and Skin Care Expert, Michelle Valeri Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists With Short-Reads eBook Promised Results, Finally! What The $71 Billion Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

“Promised Results, Finally!” by Michelle Valeri, reached #1, #2 on’s Best Seller List in Medical eBooks and print books for Dermatology, and #3 in Kindle Short Reads (less than 1 hour) in Health, Fitness, and Dieting on December 1, 2017.

Author and skin care expert Michelle Valeri’s recent release, Promised Results, Finally! What The $71 Billion Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know hit’s best seller list on December 1, 2017, climbing all the way to #1, #2, and #3 in the Medical eBooks in Dermatology, Kindle Short Reads of Health, Fitness, and Dieting.

A New, Reliable Approach To Skin Care Solutions
In response to the book hitting #1, #2, and #3, Valeri shared, “I’ve been passionate about finding solutions for persistent skin care problems for people for a long time. What I know is that most of the advertised and available products don’t actually work for many people, but what does work to reverse the effects of aging and the effects of acne is a natural approach of diet and lifestyle, combined with Chinese medi-facial massage treatments. While these Eastern philosophies are new to most Americans, they are not new, and not expensive in comparison to the well-known products that simply don’t work. I am so thrilled this book is on the bestseller lists, because it shows me that this type of approach is exactly what frustrated women across America need right now!”

With the recent controversy in the headlines around medical professionals disputing the health claims and approaches made by lifestyle brand websites produced by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and her blog GOOP, having a new voice like the one expressed in Promised Results, Finally! is important, and a must-read for women dealing with ance or looking for real solutions to reverse aging.

Michelle Valeri who was raised and educated in Plano, Texas, has recently opened her new skin consulting studio, MV Skin Consulting, in Salon of Volterra in McKinney, Texas.

Michelle Valeri is the sole skin care expert in the state of Texas currently certified as a Pi Fu Zhuan Jia, making her a skin expert trained in Eastern philosophical strategies. She was hand-selected by the program founder for her apprenticeship in 2014, and while refining her skills she has since expanded her specialized training to include ancient Chinese massage techniques for the face.

Valeri is trained in Eastern and Western philosophy for skin care, as well as integration of the two. Additionally, she is a licensed aesthetician who helps heal the most complex and advanced skin conditions for clients, including during cancer treatments; often they’ve tried everything else and only found healing skin when trying her unique approach.

Previously Valeri was co-owner of a chiropractic clinic in Tennessee for nearly 20 years, so she has always had a holistic approach. Additionally, she owned a skin spa in Tennessee for four years, so Valeri knows from experience with thousands of clients, a holistic approach is what works.

Working with clients, she provides exactly what both their skin and body need to achieve balance and health, for a healing improvement to their skin.

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