Besilomz Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Collagen Essence Mask, the Secret of Adverse Growth of Skin

Today, the economy develops at a high speed and image management becomes more and more important, skin care has gradually evolved as a “required course” for women. As shown by data, Chinese women spend up to 6.5 billion yuan on masks and it is predicted that Chinese mask market would achieve 13 billion yuan until 2019. It could be observed that in women’s consumption market, the masks account for a considerable proportion of the market alone.

At present, there are multifarious mask brands on the market, the product qualities are also quite different, and many women feel confused about how to select the right mask products among a number of brands. Recently, Besilomz Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Collagen Essence Mask has been distinguished among many brands by virtue of its good product effect, which is concerned by the masses and favored by all women consumers.

It is reported that Besilomz (Chinese name: 巴莎洛美) is a high-end skincare brand integrated by R&D, sales, import and export of skincare products that was registered in China and the U.S. simultaneously, which firstly combined the classical bird’s nest with modern biotechnology transnationally. Ms. Lin Meiyan, the brand founder, was awarded “Integrity Award of Bird’s Nest Industry of 2017 Chinese Influential Brands List”, and reported by Netease, IFENG.COM,, the website of China Brand Leadership Alliance and other authority sites actively.

As for product research and development, Besilomz has created a safe, natural and effective all-in-one SPA mask together with French Sethic Lab – Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Collagen Essence Mask. As the first domestic professional bird’s nest mask designed for lazy persons, Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Collagen Essence Mask has 5 ingredients with international patent, namely crithmum maritimum curd callus recovery filtrate, bladder-wrack extract, moringa pterygosperma seed extract, punica granatum fruit extract and hydrolyzed adansonia digitata extract.

As for product efficacy, crithmum maritimum curd callus recovery filtrate could tighten the skin and prevent aging; hydrolyzed adansonia digitata extract could moisturize deeply and lock water; granatum fruit extract could fully whiten the skin and resist oxidation; moringa pterygosperma seed extract could expel the toxin and clean the skin; bladder-wrack extract could degrade skin sensibilities and protect the skin against ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, bird’s nest extract could promote skin microcirculation and increase metabolism. In a word, Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Collagen Essence Mask has been very popular since launch and praised by consumers because of six great product efficacies.

Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Collagen Essence Mask makes women’s skincare more easy and convenient, all skin problems could be solved by a mask, and the skin would be full of moisture at any moment and always keep adverse growth.

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