First Indian becomes State Councillor in Germany

Rahul Kumar is the first and youngest German citizen with Indian roots to become the State Councillor in Germanys City Frankfurt-Kelsterbach. The popular politician is well known in the Indian community.

Raunheim – December 4, 2017 – Indians have long been a revered community across Germany since the last quarter of 20th century. From culture to academics to sports, German history speaks of amazing contributions from talented Indians in various aspects of life over time. Talk about German politics and one of the latest sensations we have today here is Mr. Rahul Kumar from Kelsterbach. A dynamic politician from the FDP (Free Democratic Party), Rahul has created history by becoming the FIRST Indian to hold the esteemed designation of State Councillor in Germany. 

Appointed in 2016, Mr. Rahul is the present State Councillor of Frankfurt Kelsterbach and is also the youngest German citizen with Indian roots ever to hold that prestigious position. By education, Kumar is a computer scientist and he has his own IT company. A widely popular political activist and a highly acclaimed orator, he commands a lot of followers across Germany and enjoys huge support from both German & Indian governments. He is also the honorary chairman of several social organizations nationwide.  

Born in India, Mr. Kumar migrated to Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen with his family during his early childhood. His father, Mr. Raj Kumar used to work in a retail and wholesale unit in the country. Kumar completed his schooling from Otto Hahn School and later on moved to Technical University Darmstadt for his higher education.  

A man of many parts, Mr. Kumar has worked for a wide range of industries including  banks, automotive sector and even medical sector. He had been the head of member  administration for 6 long years at German Association of Internal Medicine. Passionate  about medicine since childhood, the Councillor had been a regular author of the famous medical science journal „Der Internist”. For 3 years now, he has been awarding seminars regularly on behalf of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Wiesbaden. 

Mr. Kumar is also a partner of different health care units, including a nursing care chain in Frankfurt and a day-care center for seniors.

Mr. Kumar is an elite member of the district executive committee of the FDP Gross-Gerau. A social activist by heart, the young Councillor is the managing director and  initiator of a leading children’s aid organization “KfK”. Since 2010, Mr. Rahul has been  organizing and conducting various cultural events across the Rhine-Main region. His  charitable projects including blood donation campaign in collaboration with the  German Red Cross, music school, tree planting etc. have met with tremendous  response. His “Sounds of Rainbow”, a music and dance event that he organized in  2016, was widely acknowledged and received a record number of 700 guests. 

Mr. Kumar has been awarded with several prestigious honors from the who’s who of  both German and Indian politics. An epitome of dynamic charisma, huge academic acumen and great generosity.

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