Glampalm introduces world’s first motion-activated hair straightener

Leading Korean hair styling tools company Glampalm has introduced a revolutionary motion-activated hair straightener that operates with a few taps and assures shiny, healthy hair way faster than other regular straighteners.

Torrance, CA – December 4, 2017 – Korea’s #1 styling tools company Glampalm has recently introduced the world’s first motion-activated hair straightener. Titled as “Simpletouch”, the next-gen flatiron assures healthy, lustrous straight hair in just a few “taps”. Backed by innovative technology, the straightener heats in no more than 10 seconds to ensure the fastest straightening ever. 

The new advanced hair straightener caters to all kinds of hair, irrespective of length and volume.

“We are thrilled to bring to you the first and only motion-activated hair styling iron in the USA. It operates with revolutionary One Touch technology which takes just one tap to activate the heater. Unlike regular straighteners, our product doesn’t confuse you with too many buttons or switches. Whether you want to turn on the device or adjust the heat, any activity on the iron can be controlled with a few simple touches”, stated Mr. Wansu Cho, the leading spokesperson from Glampalm. 

Simpletouch features Glampalm’s proprietary ceramic heaters that keeps the hair safe and prevents damage from heat. The Korean company was the first one in the world to introduce ceramic flat irons.

“The traditional irons were crude chunky machines that left with burnt damaged hair in almost every case. Such issues inspired Glampalm to look for safe straightening solutions and after extensive research and experimentation, the company came up with innovative Healing Stoneô ceramic flat irons. Unlike the conventional counterparts, the Healing Stoneô ceramic option penetrates the heat deeply into hair which leads to in-depth heating. Thorough heating straightens hair faster and prevents the risk of styling at higher temperatures. Moreover, our Healing Stoneô ceramic plates are conveniently tilted and cushioned for effortless styling.”

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While other flatirons need a maximum temperature of 450°F for efficient straightening, Simpletouch can do the same at much lower 330°F-390°F. Less requirement of heat invariably translates to less risks of hair damage.

Simpletouch’s ceramic plates are further infused with exclusive and patented Healing Stoneô Technology. Used in oriental medicine since ages, Healing Stoneô is a natural mineral which is found in the mountains of South Korea. 

“We have powered our breakthrough hair straightener with the age old magic of Healing Stoneô. The technology not only prevents pulls, snags or hair breakage but also rewards you with visibly glamorous tresses in just one use. We are also careful about the protection of Mother Earth and we are extremely particular about green and  sustainable sourcing of Healing Stoneô.” 

Another factor that separates Simpletouch from the regular hair straighteners is its non-toxic design. Many flatirons use Nano Silver Technology and silver nanoparticles can be dangerously toxic. Not only could they damage hair but also affect the skin on the  neck and  face. On the other hand, all the Glampalm products are devoid of any silver nanoparticle technology.   

Simpletouch also features an auto shut-down feature and it automatically turns off after 35 seconds of inactivity. “Glampalm has always been committed to safe and smart hair styling and our Simpletouch takes our commitment a step further.” 

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